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EDITORIAL: Kudos to Olasimbo Temilorun who led Babcock University students to develop IoT enabled smart estate solution



Smart Estate
Technology has become a bigger part of our daily lives and its impact on how we go about our business is compelling. The growing list of Nigerian innovators is as long as it is diverse.

Few years back, one would have hardly thought it possible to purchase something as rudimentary as soup off the Internet! This is how times have changed. It’s hard to think of a time when shopping for a new phone didn’t mean swiping pages on Konga or Jumia or getting your fashion done on Kaiglo.

Fresh graduates hunting for job hardly work several miles with envelope in hand, hoping to land their dream job – those hours of walking and sweating have been replaced by Jobberman.

Innovators are making strides in various sectors including retail, education, job placement & employment, media & entertainment, hospitality, and finance, and Real Estate, which is our subject for today.

Talented young Nigerians like Miss Olasimbo Temilorun; Olasimbo Temilorun Abiola, Atin Tariakibowei Tariowei and Oyakhilome Idialu, fresh graduates of Computer Technology from Babcock University, believe in leveraging tech solutions as tool for transforming this country and Continent at large.

Smart Estate by Olasimbo Temilorun:

Miss Temilorun who led the group to develop the Smart Estate  demonstrated that ‘practical-education’ is a leeway to the future.

Smart Estate

The Smart Estate invention by Miss Olasimbo Temilorun of Babcock University

She told that aside the school project, she has a goal of developing the prototype of other Smart Estate solutions into world-class; Internet of Things (IoT) enabled bespoke solutions for future ready housing/estates, starting with Nigeria.

The basic design and size of the solution is dependent on the prospective estate.

It may interest you that this solution is capable of assisting an estate or individual residents review frequent visitors, neighborhood check, review of nearby schools, grocery shops, crime rate in the locality, availability of easy public transport, switch on and off lights, manage gated apartment, check hospitals near-by — these are just some of the features Olasimbo Temilorun’s solution can give you.

This is a lot of work. Few years back, the buyers themselves did all of this. Even after so much work, there was always a chance that the deal would not materialize. Now, thanks to digitization and Smart Estate technology.

In a chat with Olasimbo Temilorun, she told that her quest is to change the way people live and at the same time bring long-term returns to investors in already real estate investments.


How does it work?

Olasimbo Temilorun speaks to

Smart Estate

The inventor; a fresh graduate of Babcock University

“The name of our project is a Smart Estate. The major aim of the project is to use the electronics knowledge acquired in school to solve some of the pressing management system by designing an estate that uses Internet of Things (IoT). I believe that the Smart Estate will make life easier because it is stress-free and we can do many beautiful things all by the touch of a button.

What does it consist of?

“The Estate consists of so many features like Occupancy Identification, Energy Management, Water Management, Waste Management, Parking Guidance, Traffic Control and Fire and Life Safety.

“The project depends solely on a micro controller and a WiFi module to perform. To access the Web Server, you open a browser on a phone or a computer, paste the IP address, to test if the web server is working properly, click the buttons to control the outputs, when the server receives the request, it turns the output attached and updates its state on the web page.

“It also sends a message to the administration when the SMS button is being clicked and the occupants also gets a feedback on their sides. Every occupant in the estate is entitled to an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Tag) to identify them and give them free access to the building. The street light only comes on when it’s dusk to save energy”.


We actually met the ‘inventor’ at the African EduTech Conference 2019 held in Lagos recently. Delegates, in their hundreds, visited the Babcock University exhibition stand where Temilorun’s innovation was displayed.

First, we commend Babcock University for showcasing the project and the innovator to the ‘world’. It goes to show how they want her to succeed even as a fresh graduate from the School.

Secondly, it is disheartening to hear from Temilorun that none of the hundred plus visitors to the exhibition stand has reached out to her or the team. The way people were praising the solution would make you think they will land an investor the next minute.


Yes, we understand there are similar solutions – finished products – already in the market, but mainly imported; then, how do we support the young entrepreneur from losing sight of the project. We do not wish it goes the way of many innovations that people pay lip service to: investors in the real estate sector should pay attention to this invention to bring out the best in it.

Smart Estate

We also encourage Babcock University to move a little further by assisting Temilorun and her team to patent this invention.

A patent is a right granted by the Nigerian government to prevent other parties from making, selling, or using your invention, whether that invention is a product, a method, an apparatus, a composition of matter (including man-made microorganisms), or a computer program.

To qualify for this right, she needs to file an application describing the invention in the Nigerian Patent and Trademark Office.

After the office determines that the invention is in fact new, it will issue a patent.

Exclusive rights, i.e., the right to sue to stop others from using your invention and to collect damages for unauthorized use, do not begin until the patent is issued.

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