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Farmcrowdy unifies portfolio companies Farmgate Africa and Agricsquare as Farmcrowdy



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Farmcrowdy, Nigeria’s first Digital Agriculture platform and its sister companies in Farmgate Africa & Agricsquare have announced a unification of all it’s companies to create a bigger Farmcrowdy.

This is a very significant step for Farmcrowdy as it will allow the combined entity to have a stronger foothold in the Agriculture value chain, by dealing with core crop farming processes, production and trading side of commodities as well as marketing media for agriculture.

The combined companies will now be referred to as Farmcrowdy, and shortly after the announcement, all sponsorship options available from both platforms (Farmcrowdy and Farmgate Africa) will now reflect on the combined Farmcrowdy Platform, sponsorship options such as; Beef processing, Ginger farms, Cattle farms, Poultry farms, etc, previously only available via Farmgate Africa and Farmcrowdy will now be open to sponsorship on the Farmcrowdy platform to sponsors from both entities.

Agricsquare will however continue to be run as a product of Farmcrowdy – the largest community of Agriculture enthusiasts in the country with over 20,000 people engaging daily to discuss agriculture-related topics.

The Managing Director of Farmgate Africa, Kenneth Obiajulu will oversee the trading aspect of the new entity while Temitope Omotolani, Chief Operations Officer for Farmcrowdy will continue to oversee the production side (Crop production, feedlot production, etc) of the company.

According to the Founder and CEO, Onyeka Akumah, this process had always been in the plan to attract more talent, expand Farmcrowdy’s reach in the agriculture value chain and provide more options for sponsors on it’s platform.

As a company, Farmcrowdy is operational in 14 states across Nigeria and has signed up over 25,000 farmers into its program who have cultivated over 16,000 acres of farmland across the country. Farmcrowdy has also recently partnered with Livestock247, an online livestock marketplace and Best Foods Livestock and Poultry Ltd, a leading name in the livestock and seafood processing industry in Nigeria to grow its livestock chain.

The new Farmcrowdy will now be looking for new partnerships to continue to grow more crops as it targets expansion into 4 new states while increasing its current supply of over 50 cows fit for slaughter per day to a supply of 100 cows per day by the end of the year made available to top retailers, hotels, and eateries across the country.

Farmcrowdy is Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform that connects small scale farmers across Nigeria with access to finance sourced from individuals and corporates, equips the small-scale farmers with know-how of sustainable & highly efficient farming practices and ultimately points their produce at harvest to markets offering superior returns to what these farmers get compared to trading within their locality.

The Vision is to be the foremost digital agriculture platform in Africa admired for its impact on collaborative food production and boosting food security across the continent.

Achieving these goals will go a long way in improving the economies of rural farm localities and strengthening food security across Africa.

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