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How emerging tech has improved football



Technology has improved a lot over the years and this has had a big impact on football. Find out more about this here in this article. 

How Emerging Tech Has Improved Football

Over the years, the tech that we use every single day has changed and improved to make our lives easier.

We now use our mobile phones every single day and we have devices that can improve the way in which our homes operate. One of the places that tech has really improved is in the footballing world where new devices have changed the way that games are played and watched.

Here, we are going to look at emerging tech and how football has changed a lot over the years. Keep reading to find out more.


If you pay attention to football around the world and the current FIFA Women’s World Cup, you will notice that the term VAR is being used a lot. This is a relatively new piece of technology that is known as a video assistant referee and it helps referees to make a final decision.

This technology became very big in the Men’s World Cup in the past few years but has really taken the world by storm in the current competition. Without this technology, many decisions wouldn’t have been possible, and this has improved the accuracy of referees.

Mobile Sites

With new and improved mobile websites and apps, football is consumed in different ways in 2019. Not only can you watch football matches on your TV or in your local pub, but you can also watch it on your mobile phone using the latest technology.

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On top of this, sites like NetBet Sport allow you to place bets on your favourite team and make some money while you’re at it.


Sites across many industries are taking advantage of this technology and it makes sense that football teams would be utilising mobile tech.

Electronic Performance & Tracking Systems

Finally, it is important to understand the importance of electronic performance and tracking systems which are another innovation from FIFA. This tech includes wearable technologies which can improve how the teams work together and perform as a whole.

This kind of technology can be used in collaboration with heart-rate monitors to make sure that players are fit to play.

One of the most common kinds of tracking systems on the market are Local Positions Systems which have high accuracy and can measure data in real time. This technology is very important and without it, football wouldn’t be the same in 2019.

Final Thoughts

If you keep up with the tech industry, then you will know that there is always new technology on the way. Many of the biggest organisations like FIFA, for example, have teams of experts who are working on creating the next best thing that can help football to be improved.

Make sure to look out for the new technology in football matches and keep an eye on VAR in the FIFA Women’s World Cup that is currently taking place.

We hope to see some new technology emerging soon that teams from around the world can utilise within training and matches.

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