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Nigeria losing over N1tn to piracy, says Asein



Nigerian Copyright Commission DG, John Mr. John Asein
The Director General, Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) Mr. John Asein, has said that effect of piracy is not only in mon​​etary terms but also the colossal damage it does to practitioners.

Asein noted this at the commission’s Governing Board meeting, stressing that the over $3b (approximately N1trillion) is just an estimation as its actual value is almost immeasurable, according to the Nation report.

He added: “Unfortunately, like most aspects of our national life, we don’t have exact figures, but you can only imagine when you have the size of Nigerian creative industry, you know that more than half of what should have come in goes into either piracy or other forms of abuse.

The losses are better imagined. This again is the reason why we must get back to the story the commission had embarked upon a few years ago which is to actually measure the contribution of the creative sector to our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) that will help us in planning. It will help government to better appreciate the exact value of the creative sector.

‘You will realize that every state has something to contribute in the creative sphere and they are not able to realize the full potential of their output that gives you an idea of the huge losses going on.

“I don’t want to try throwing figures around, if they are not scientifically derived. So, it is better imagined when you look at the size of Nigerian creative industry.

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