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NIWBQR stands for good mobile broadband performance in the country – Enextgen



LTE NIWBQR report by Enextgen
Enextgen Wireless has clarified why its service – National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR) – is important in the telecommunication industry in Nigeria.

The Company, in a statement made available to explained that its current wireless broadband quality reporting service focuses on the quality of engineering and RF(radio frequency) deployment of mobile broadband networks (currently LTE) in Nigeria.

According to the statement, the President/Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Remi Adeyeye, reiterated that the report (NIWBQR) is not geared towards addressing application layer performance.

However, good quality design and deployment engineering is necessary for excellent application layer performance.

“Our findings to date show there are still room for improvement in the quality of Radio Frequency deployment of the LTE networks in Nigeria. The severity of this passiveness varies significantly from two of the network operators that seem to grasp the concept of the need for proper RF design and necessary deployment and follow-up optimization, to one that seems to believe that proper RF design and/or performance optimization is overrated if not outright unnecessary.

“In between these two extremes is one that completely ignores what appears to be obvious equipment issue that leads to clusters of outrageous concentration of connection attempt failures and another that appears to focus on attracting more customers even as its underlying network falls apart due to laxness.

“Application layer performance measurement is obviously very important. However, focusing on it without addressing the underlying network design and deployment issues is like fretting over how long it takes commercial vehicles to transport supplies between Lagos and Ibadan while ignoring the despicable state of the major highway that connects the two.

“Furthermore, ignoring reports that point to specific network issues simply on the basis that they do not include statistically significant samples is analogous to ignoring the current congestion at Apapa port because it does not reflect the overall flow of traffic in Nigeria.

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“Application layer performance evaluation such as Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for voice communication and glitches in video streams is very important since it addresses likely customer experience more directly than measurement of the quality of RF deployment and performance engineering.

“However, without good quality deployment and performance engineering, no matter how achieved, it is difficult to have good application layer performance. Actually, it is often the case that good design and performance optimization lead directly to very good application layer performance.

“Finally, it is not currently feasible to use voice quality measurements to classify the quality of LTE service in Nigeria as native voice is not currently carried over LTE networks. Carrying voice over LTE networks would require deployment of Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) which Nigerian operators have not yet performed (in reality). As such, voice quality measurements in the current LTE networks in Nigeria would reflect more on the quality of the underlying 2G/3G networks than the LTE network”, the Company clarified.


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