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Abuja Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference 2019 announced



Abuja Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference
Blockchain-based solutions have the potential to make government operations at different levels more efficient and improve the delivery of public services, while simultaneously increasing trust in the public sector.

For this to happen, education is key — getting the right people at the federal, state and local government levels engaged, excited and educated about the technology.

Once the right people understand the promise of blockchain, existing problems that can be better solved through a blockchain-based solution than through the existing technology infrastructure, then we can start retooling government processes.

At the upcoming Abuja Blockchain & Digital Assets Conference 2019, the third edition of these conferences curated by Blockchain Nigeria User Group, a sub-set Organization of Blockchain Technology Users (OBTU), duly registered Incorporated Trust with Nigeria’s CAC, is scheduled to hold from 4–5 October 2019, at Abuja Sheraton Hotels, experts, industry stakeholders, thought leaders and the academia will converge to brainstorm on how blockchain and other emerging technologies of the fourth industrial revolution can be leveraged by the Nigeria government and her agencies for improved public service delivery.


“The Blockchain Trust-Architecture for Governance and Public Service”.

Date: 4–5 October 2019. Venue: Sheraton Hotels, Abuja Nigeria.

Speaking on the upcoming Conference, the Founder/ Coordinator, Blockchain Nigeria User Group, Chimezie Chuta, said that the two-day event will feature panel discussion segments, project presentations, training, and workshops.

Who is to attend?

Policy Makers, Regulators, Lawyers; CIOs & IT; Crypto-Assets Traders & Managers; Enthusiasts, Developers & Solution architects; Blockchain platform innovators and providers; Civil servants & Government employees thinking about or already experimenting with the technologies; Blockchain Practitioners: Those experimenting who want to connect with other practitioners and Digital Transformers: Those curious about new technology & how to use it to streamline operations.

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“The Conference shall look at how to regulate appropriately without stifling innovation; Blockchain Integration with current activities & operations; Technology Skills needed along with the Talent to support Blockchain projects; Selling the Potential of Blockchain to Senior Management & Non-Techies; True Digital Transformation: using new business philosophies and technologies to enable real innovation; How those currently in the Blockchain Trenches operate along with challenges and insights and Security, Risks and the future possibilities of blockchain technology,” said Chimezie Chuta.

The Conference, he said, is open to sponsors and partners.

Register HERE.

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