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Tanta Secure brings extended protection for devices, electronics users in Nigeria



Tanta Secure
Tanta Secure Limited, a Lagos-based device protection company, is introducing the first device and electronics protection plan in the country. 

The service is designed for Nigerians with items such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, gadgets, electronics and other home appliances.

As today’s consumers are getting more sophisticated items, there is a need to address the repairs of these items. Tanta Secure protection plan addresses this gap.

TantaSecure is a device protection company that protects Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, Electronics, Appliances and Gadgets from drops, spills, cracks, power failure, accidental damages and everyday malfunctions.

Speaking to the media, Sam Igwe Oko said “Technology is on a continuous trend of advancement in today’s advancing world. Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, Appliances, Electronics and other gadgets have become an essential and crucial part of today’s everyday lifestyle.

“On the other hand, Accidents, drops, spill, malfunctions and everyday mishaps are completely unavoidable, even to the most careful users. 99% of device owners have experienced device breakdown, malfunctions or accidental damages. 29% have abandon their item(s) due to expensive repair or replacement part costs, 31% are still using their broken device, in the current defective condition. While 40% repaired their broken device(s) at a ridiculous price.”

“We know that accidents or unexpected damages are unavoidable and could happen at any time, we know how important these items are to end users. That is why we have designed this solution having in mind the eventualities that might occur. Ours is to ensure that the end users are protected by assisting them to fix their devices”, he added.

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The Tanta Secure device protection solution is designed for users of smartphones and other home appliance.

Unlike the conventional insurance, popular in the Nigerian market place, Tanta Secure Solution offers users a rest of mind and also the opportunity to have their money back if nothing happens to their protected device over a period of time.

With the shortage of qualified technicians and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) parts in the open markets, end users most times have fake parts fixed for them thereby affecting the durability of these appliances.

This is what Tanta Secure is addressing.

The Vice Chairman of Tanta Secure, John Mark Ossai, opined “There are over 4000 unlicensed technicians all over Lagos. Repairing your item with an unlicensed technician, whom you cannot identify by requesting to see their license before working with them, is a major risk and could reduce the life span of your item(s).The target of an unlicensed technician is to get your device working at all cost, ignoring important technical procedures for their financial benefits. But in the tech world, each component relies on other components to function properly. We ensure that qualified technicians handle your devices.”

Speaking on the solution, the Executive chairman, Tanta Secure Limited, Abraham Tanta, said “we have looked at the market and we have come to understand the wastage in Nigerian mobility space. Subscribers find it hard to get original equipment manufactures’ (OEM) parts and this leads to frustration on the part of the users which leads in dumping of these products. We have worked out a synergy between us, manufacturers and certified technicians that would take care of these devices at the convenience of the subscribers.”

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Tanta Secure’s solution is to have devices and/or gadgets maintained and repaired by a licensed technician, well equipped with all requirements and knowledge to get your defective device working again in all perfectness.

The company has various plans for each segment of the society such as corporate plans, this captures the need of corporate establishments where such appliances like laptops, printers, PBX systems and other office appliances would be taken care of with periodic maintenance. Others,such as the Individual Plan, Family Plan and Student plan take care of this segment of people according to their needs.

TantaSecure has a network of qualified and professionally trained technicians “T. Tech”.

T-Tech  is a technician’s network, where all members under-go a compulsory 1-year advance repair and maintenance training, and a compulsory weekly training to effectively carry out their services. Tanta Secure does not repair broken parts, we replace them to give your device a perfect come back” the Marketing Director, Semilore Adeosun, concluded.

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