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CFA’s thoughts on digitisation at the German Bundestag, Berlin



CFA's thoughts on digitization
The Co-founder of GoDo,Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. “CFArecently returned from Berlin, three months after an official visit to Stockholm on the invitation of the Swedish Institute/Swedish Embassy Abuja to understudy the Swedish Innovation Ecosystem.

This trip to Berlin followed an invitation from Alexander Count Lambsdorff, MP, as part of the Bundestag week.

His thoughts were based on digitisation as it affects Africa; “the platform gave me an opportunity to share my thoughts on the various ways Africans/Nigerians are leveraging technology and other digital tools to solve challenges”, CFA said.

CFA has captured some of these thoughts in his Weekly, ICT Clinic, Punch Newspapers Column.

“My conversation centred around informing the world about the fact that there are a number of Nigeria/Africans committed to staying back and doing everything possible to solve some of the challenges confronting the continent sharing from the entrepreneurial ecosystem where I play.

CFA's thoughts on digitization

CFA was a discussant at the event

“My hope and vision is to see greater collaboration happening between the Nigerian/African and German/European startup ecosystems as I believe that it will help create a more stable world as entrepreneurship and not aids is what Africa needs to grow sustainably,” he said.

CFA's thoughts on digitization

The panelists

So, you can get the full gist here: ICT Clinic, and/or Punch Newspapers Column

Interestingly, CFA is headed to Berlin again in November to speak at Munich Security Conference:

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