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MTN Nigeria board condemns xenophobia, violence against Nigerians



MTN Nigeria office
The Board of MTN Nigeria, has lend a voice against the xenophobic attacks and violence against Nigerians and other nationalities in South Africa.

In a statement issued today and signed by the Chairman, Engineer Ernest Ndukwe, the Board “add its unequivocal condemnation of the xenophobia and violence against Nigerians and other nationalities in South Africa over the recent days, as well as the violent response to it in Nigeria.

“Violence cannot and must never be acceptable and we must reject it in the strongest terms possible.

“We offer our profound sympathies to all those affected and urge all stakeholders and communities in Nigeria, South Africa and other countries, to act with restraint, and to work collaboratively to address these issues.

Ernest Ndukwe

Chairman of MTN Nigeria, Engr. Ernest Ndukwe

“Our future as a continent will be built on enhanced connections and greater integration economically, culturally and politically. It is in all of our interests to work together”, the statement concludes.

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