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This mobile game by nine-year-old spreads awareness on malaria



Mobile Mosquito

The awaited game from Basil Okpara Jnr is finally out. It is easy to play, satisfying and could get a little addicting.

Basil has over 30  mobile games to his name and this is his first game on the play store. Welcome to Mosquito Mash.

Having some text content on the dangerous potential of mosquitoes, this game spreads awareness on the dangers of malaria and other diseases spread by the blood-sucking pest, while the sound gives satisfaction on killing the dangerous creatures.

It has a non-complex user interface and goes straight to the point of action after the download is completed.

While it has potential as an excellent tool for awareness by NGOs battling malaria in Africa, it has a raw look which has a space for improvement which should be taken as soon as possible.

Basil, also known as BJR, did a good job and this may be one of the ways children can be taught about prevention of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases. It provides an alternate, better way to teach them.

The best way children learn is through play and visuals, and the annoying sound of mosquitoes silenced by mashing them may prove to be just enough to grow the hatred and wariness needed for the eradication of this deadly disease which kills thousands daily in Africa.

While digitalization is spreading through technologies like machine learning, AI, IoT, Blockchain and others, we cannot all create apps for solutions or curative measures. One can also create apps for preventive measures. We can use well-created games to teach children those precautions which will help preserve human lives. I think Mosquito Mash attempts to do that.

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Well done, Basil!

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