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Three things Nigerians Would Love About the 5G Network and Technology



4G vs 5G
There is much talk about the 5G network, and the many technologies it will facilitate and enhance, all over the world.

There is also much talk about the possibilities it would reveal, the yet unconceivable strides it will aid humanity to attain and the dangers it might be coming with.

One thing which most people keep hammering on, about this technology, is the swift connectivity it will make possible but there is so much more the 5G technology brings with it. Below are three things Nigerians would be grateful for when the technology makes its way here.

Speed. Yes, speed

The 5G network is said to be 100 times faster than the 4G network, running at about 10 gigabits per second. This is expected to enhance downloads and streamings at seconds instead of the minutes 4G made possible. This speed enables one to download a 2-hour movie at 3.6 seconds.

Though appearing presently unattainable, it can only mean that Nigerians would soon get faster internet speed. If the speed would get to this rate is left only for time to tell.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is basically the science of connecting everything to the internet. One might wonder why everything should be connected to the internet, well the answer is a single word; data.

Data helps make better-informed decisions and even helps prevent mishaps. This science of IoT can be applied to everything, from agriculture, where the soil fertility is checked and augmented using the technologies of IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI), health where a sensor reads somewhere, showing a doctor that a patient is about to get a heart attack or connected drones are used to move the necessary supplies or organs for surgery, to the sensor in the car, telling the insurance company that a car’s engine might get knocked if the oil is not changed as soon as possible.

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In a country where the protocols to go through to fix things mount daily, there is a need to prevent anything which will make one pass through this time and energy-draining procedures. Also, the IoT is what makes smart cities smart.

The smartphones are called smart because they can do so much more than the feature phones. The smartphones are connected to the internet and hence they are like a doorway to a huge amount of smart information.


Imagine if everything else is connected to the internet. We will have a smart country, at least in most urban areas. However, the wide and swift connection will increase functionality and make it possible to reach the rural, underserved, areas. They will also get great services formerly made available to just the urban areas.

Longer-lasting batteries

While it is yet to be known if the 5G technology will help with the country’s power challenge, it has been speculated that the technology would at least by providing the earth with greener options which include lower CO2 emissions and less power consumption, help with longer-lasting batteries between chargings.

That has to be some kind of good news for Nigerians as this would leave a little less worry about the erratic power the nation suffers.

Reality is that the 5G technology might take a while to get here, while we are still getting used to the 4G, however, it will get here and with it, many solutions to the Nigerian challenges, including power. The 5G makes data more accessible, and in this accessibility could lie the different solutions long sought for by Nigerian Techpreneurs.

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