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Founder Institute Lagos kicks off recruitment for Cohort II



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Do you have a business idea that, can leverage technology, to solve a specific problem, besetting the Africa continent and you do not know how to execute it?

Do you have a start-up and you want to learn the basics of how to steer the ship of your company effectively and efficiently, as well as, present your course, with a view to receiving investment funding, from VC’s and Angel investors and you do not know how to go about these?

If, yes, then, sign up for the Founder Institute, Lagos Cohort II that recently graduated its first Cohort.

One of the reasons 80% of businesses fail, within its first 5 years of their existence is because some founders have not clearly carried out research and do not have mentors that can give them constructive feedback.

With the Founder Institute, however, expect the best, in everything, that will assist you in running your business effectively and efficiently.

Founder Institute Lagos Cohort II

Founder Institute, Lagos, has opened its portal, for prospective individuals, with sound business ideas, to apply for the Second Cohort.

The coming event would be taking place at NG Hub, Yaba, Lagos State on Friday, November 29, 2019, and it is tagged Start-up Ideation Bootcamp. In just three hours, you will be exposed, to a lot of things that will broaden your horizon.

The three hours Bootcamp. will help to refine and improve your idea, link you up, with potential co-founders and expose you to, top mentors, all over the world, in the tech ecosystem.

You will, not only learn how to breathe life into your business idea, but top founders will, also, take you through an intensive, collaborative workshop that has been designed, to teach you the components of good and bad start-up ideas.

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Your business idea will be assessed, on the spot and constructive feedback, given by mentors and your peers. In the space of three hours, you will know if the business will fly, or, not.

Many of the founders in the First Cohort, came on board, with just an idea, but after going through the tutelage of the Founder Institute for 14 weeks.

Founder Institute Lagos Cohort II

Founder Institute Lagos Cohort II

Their business ideas were broken down and constructed from scratch to a global brand, worth millions of dollars.

It does not matter, how weird your idea is, Founder Institute, Lagos, will help you to refine, improve and re-shape it.

You will have direct access, to the network of all Founder Institute mentors, across the world, including Silicon Valley.

The Founder Institute program is, designed, in such a way that, it will toughen you, with zero emotion.

Interested applicants, can go ahead to apply here.

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