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Nigerians on twitter react to Pantami’s directive terminating cash payments at NIPOST offices



Reactions have continued to trail the directive by the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim (Pantami), terminating cash payments in the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) office across the country.

The Minister’s order was as a result of discovery that “some unscrupulous elements, have been taking undue advantage of the cash payment system under the Nigeria Postal Services (NIPOST), to engage in corrupt practices”.

Dr. Pantami, in a statement signed by the Spokesperson, Uwa Suleiman (Mrs), noted that in line with the anti corruption Agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari and the mandate of the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, the Post Master General (PMG) has been ordered to with immediate effect, suspend all existing cash payment plans within its establishments nationwide.

“The Post Master General, is to ensure that all its offices revert to Point of Sales (PoS) and bank teller transactions immediately”, amongst other directives contained in the statement.

Meanwhile, this action has elicited reactions from Nigerians on twitter. Most of them applauded the gesture; others have asked how the implementation will be monitored while others are subtly defending NIPOST as one of the most neglected government institutions in the country.



Through the tweets we could also see those complaining about how they have been surchanged in the process of sending or receiving a parcel through NIPOST offices.

Here are some of the tweets:

Noble spiffy @Noble_spiffy: Please can he as well order them to start dispatching items to their various receiving offices and to stop diverting people parcels to the wrong location and stealing them

Prince boye adetu @Abiwapele: Thats a terrible decision, it means people will not be going home with money again, this Nigeria self, they keep changing goal post while the play is still on. Loving it, for it makes lots of sense.

Antin Habuja @AntinHabuja: I place an order from Ali, pay delivery services and I will still go to Area 1 and pay for my item wey land for their office.. I am still wondering what that money is for..

Shuaibu Umar Muhd @muhdsumar: It is highly commendable. I hope the Honorable Minister will partner with @cenbank  to ensure that transaction charges are reasonable so as to encourage making payments using POS. NIBSS’s mCASH, etc should be considered as means of payments as well.


bobolee444 @bobolee4441: This is good news…and pls also see to complete renovation off all Nipost offices too..Thanks


Holyking Shonex @Holykingalone: I pray this directive takes effect immediately. Those robbers described as “unscrupulous elements” have showed me pepper. The amount you’re asked to pay (after buying sellotape, tissue paper et al) is always higher than what they put on wail bill. We’re watching??:


????RASHEED???? @rasheed4lm: I received my package that I suppose to pay N200 but the guy shade the amount, change it to N500 and he also ask me for TP because he brings it to my office at Ikeja. While I know they do bring our package and we pay N200 only before.

Steve?? @Steveiykem: God bless you real good is my prayer. you’ve proven to Nigerians your uniqueness, your strategies,style of governance and your implementation processes is quite democratic and result oriented!!!

Keep doing the good works

Posterity will never forget your achievement


Unyime david @otunbaunyime: When is nipost tracking server going to come up?

Theodora Agazie @Cutetee22: He seems good with his work. If you ask me. I’m also waiting for this order to be given to the train station. Cos it will make a whole lot of sense.

Yassbell @BELLOYisa: Good move by the minister @DrIsaPantami

 … Kindly help work on downward review of service charges. They started well so much so that one can move is entire property from north to west at a very reasonable price but reverse is d case now when sending a parcel.


Ngwu Augustine Kanjo @AKNgwu: A Minister should not just “declare” “order with immediate effect.” It sounds dictatorial! “Data from…indicate that….In view of the above, from ../12/12 NIPOST will accept only cash payment “ sounds better!


Fizziedizzie @fizziedizzie: Please help out send some stuff from ikom (cross river ) to Lagos on 2nd of September, its over a month I can get both nipost office in ikom and calabar are not helping they even abuse me as I speak I don’t know where my stuffs are and am seriously in need of it. Please help out.

DASILVA @tosinadira: I’ve given up hope on online shopping cos the extortion of those Nipost people is overwhelming, and after clearance you will still have to drop something for them as an offering…..

Well I commend the minister for this.

????? @lindaisioma: Had a parcel to pick at Nipost, I was called and the man said “ madam your money is 1000, even if you come here or I bring it it’s still same amount”.  I opted for the latter. These guys would always find away around it.

Olaleye Austine Ogunsakin @olaleyeaustine: I have had several scenarios where I ordered items from China and I check the tracker only to discover the item has been received in port Harcourt by only God knows who. There are a lot of rogues within the system that need to be fished out

#Opetimistic @dimu4ever: It’s better, they extort us too much. But how will it be enforced?

Mané @a_faruk9: This is what you get when you appoint competent people into office. By far the most impactful government official since Buhari came into power.

Awwalu Salihu @Nagoggo: Are there plans to reactivate the service and make letter-writing and the delivery of percels meaningful again. Can we activate the area code mapping so that Nigerian can fill forms properly on the internet etc? May Allah strengthen your resolve, Sir.


Chuks Ezeilo @chuksezeilo: Is that why NIPOST just delivered two parcels to my house? Just like that? No usual obtaining involved…

‘Niyi Adurogbangba @neyonx02: Nipost really needs to do some upgrades… There used to be a time one could track items on their site. Especially Aliexpress items. Now though the story is different… Sometimes items never arrive and no way to track it.


Olufunke Baruwa @FunkeBaruwa: Good development. I’m curious as to how this will be implemented. Post offices are over staffed with people walking around & sitting idly in dilapidated offices. This is a breeding ground for corruption & extortion. When charged 200 to get a package, you’re expected to drop 500!

Edoja theos @edoja_theos: This is great news, Very much needed for the accountability of the offices because those workers in delta can make someone drop religion and go naked in hand combat.

?TotalDeliveranceHQ ? @TDAMissions: @NipostNgn sadly broke our hearts every day!

Stealing parcels and disgrace Nigeria to people we ve transactions with abroad.

As I tweet they denied receiving my parcel from the United States of America since January 2019 just like that.

Dun Sin @Dunsin_official: My package custom duty is 16000 and this guys at NIPOST told me is 28000 which they won’t let me see until I pay them, and I even gave them 30000, that the man should just manage the 2000 not knowing he already scammed me…

Seye Oyewole O. @oyegbademi: Nooo Nipost people are trying their best o. Please let not use our word of mouth to spoil our government workers work again.

Salem Ali SALLAM @SalemAliSALLAM3: I hope our Respected Hon. Minister of Transport will learn from his Colleague. Cash payment at Railway Stations is breeding CORRUPTION.

Uncle Shemzz @shemang_david: NIPOST is the most neglected Fed Agency.

Nipost is among the least funded Fed Agency.


Stopping cash payments is the least problem in that system.

Chizy★★★ @iam_chizyokoye: Do a full audit in to NIPOST. Plus I hear their salary is extremely poor for the job they do. No allowances. No working tools/equipment.

Abuja Reporters @ReportAbuja: I like when people in high places recognise where there is humongous rot. NIPOST is one of the most rotten government agency, i have complained here severally how they do not give receipts for monies paid, i discouraged my import business at some point, it was all corruption.


Nigerians are not watching how NIPOST will comply with the directive also tackle the current trend of delays in postal services which the Ministry said “will not be condoned by the office of the Honourable Minister under whose purview, the supervision of NIPOST falls”.

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