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Crosscall’s tougher mobile phones now available in Africa 



French phone maker Crosscall has supplied MTN South Africa for equipment of the Nelson Mandela University employees with 1000 of its waterproof Core X3 smartphones including PTT application.

Extensively tested, the handsets are resistant to damage from being dropped and protected from scratches.

In addition, they have a battery life of several days and can be recharged with the use of a magnetic connector, making cables unnecessary.

Experts in rugged and waterproof handsets, Crosscall is starting to make waves around the world given the robustness of their mobile devices and longer battery life.

Its products are currently available for sale both in Europe and Africa, including South Africa.

According to Gadget magazine, Crosscall is regarded as the GoPro of mobile technology.

The company was recently selected by French national rail company, SNCF, to equip its workforce of 21,000 train inspectors and train station managers with its mobile devices.

The contract, worth around €8 million over the next three years, strengthens Crosscall’s credentials in both the B2B and public sector markets.

Crosscall’s product durability was the defining factor that convinced the French Railway Public Service to select the brand.

Crosscall handsets are particularly popular with extreme sports athletes thanks to their durability, longer-lasting battery and the fact that they are waterproof.

“Increasingly, consumers are looking for more durable mobile phones that don’t shatter the first time they are dropped or stop working just because they were exposed to water,” says Crosscall’s African sales director, Julien Fouriot. “Our handsets are extensively tested to ensure they exceed every possible expectation to provide an unprecedented level of performance.”

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The company, established in 2009, is a specialist in the outdoor mobile technology market offering highly autonomous mobiles and smartphones.

It supplies handsets which are ideally adapted to the hostile and unpredictable encountered by athletes and professionals in the field and have been designed to withstand water, rain, humidity, dust and shocks.

In South Africa the company is focusing on the B2B market, in particular industries that need tougher mobile phones such as farming, security, mining and civil engineering.

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