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Latest Enextgen report on Lagos Victoria Island LTE coverage quality  



LTE coverage quality for Victoria Island as shown in the map below is like the overall LTE coverage quality in most of the areas covered by all four major Mobile Network Operators in Nigeria, claims Enextgen Wireless in the latest report.

Breaking down the report, Enextegn which conducts National Independent Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR) on all LTE network providers in Nigeria, posts:

  • MTN, by far, has best coverage quality. Much lower packet latency than other networks account for a significant part of this.

MTN investment in Nigeria

  • Airtel has the most deficient coverage quality. However, its NIWBQR ranking is second only to MTN in almost all the markets.

  • 9Mobile has good coverage quality but the least NIWBQR ranking. Extremely high packet latency accounts for a significant part of this.

9mobile sim card

  • While Glo has good coverage quality, it needs improvement in packet latency.

Glo sim card

“We supplemented coverage data from our NIWBQR with crowdsourced data from LTE subscribers,” the Company writes.

Enextgen and LTE

Source: Enextgen

Details are available at

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