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Tecno operating system HiOS unveils its latest version HiOS 5.5



HiOS 5.5
When it breezed into the ears two months ago at an event that an upgrade to Tecno HiOS android operating system was now available, I doubted it.

Then the official press release hit my inbox. As a tech, art, electronic game enthusiast, I immediately had to request a future youtubed test run.

Yes, Tecno has unveiled another iteration of its operating system, HiOS 5.5, which the release promises to be more personal and enhanced to serve users more powerfully in their daily lives than ever before with helpful tools and tailor-made features.

The newest release first debuted on the Tecno Camon 12 series and has now made its way to the Tecno Spark 4.

‘The HiOS 5.5 delivers the most helpful features’ says the release in that it ‘provides a slew of immersive experience and creative features that not only improves the overall phone experience of users but also help users to be more productive in the longer run.’

It also ‘brings art to life with augmented reality (AR)’. The ‘(AR) virtual canvas’ is essentially (a) futuristic finger painting (concept). ‘Many sculptors refer to their hands as a tool — and the HiOS 5.5 allows you to turn your fingers into sculptural brushes that you can use to paint in midair.

Just by aiming your ‘device camera at an object, you can paint or spray on any place in reality within multiple spaces with awesome brushes, emojis, animations, and stickers. You can also work on your creations with friends, or show off your masterpieces to your tribe by sharing it with them’.

HiOS 5.5

Many sculptors refer to their hands as a tool — and the HiOS 5.5 allows you to turn your fingers into sculptural brushes that you can use to paint in midair

It also has a gesture call picker, which is a cool new way to respond to calls. The ‘HiOS 5.5 introduces a new ability to answer and end calls with simple fingers and palm gestures without having to physically touch your phone.

This will allow you to simultaneously use your hands for other things like eating or washing clothes while also being able to conveniently answer important calls without touching your phone. You can now simply just use “V” gesture to answer the phone or wave your palm above your phone screen to reject the calls

HiOS 5.5

The ‘HiOS 5.5 introduces a new ability to answer and end calls with simple fingers and palm gestures without having to physically touch your phone.

Also available is a faster and immersive game experience. This is ‘a dedicated Game Mode that comes equipped with a Game Assistant means you can now seamlessly neuter distracting apps or intrusive notifications like email, news, chats, and social media popup windows and calls to focus exclusively on gaming.’

‘For that all-important message, it ‘also gives you the ability to remain on your screen without pausing your game and still reply chats and messages with floating windows without interrupting game play. You can also quickly go online to view game guides all while still remaining on your game screen.’

It further tells that you can ‘seamlessly enjoy heavy CPU power consuming games by boosting memory, turn on Wi-fi exclusively for the game, switch data SIM cards and more in-game without disrupting or exiting your game’ says the release.

HiOS Tecno OS

You can also quickly go online to view game guides all while still remaining on your game screen.’

It also has a ‘closed eye detection’ feature. ‘Face recognition technology’ is said to have ‘been vastly upgraded so it can help you secure your phone in a more intelligent and smarter way.’

‘Security has been stepped up a notch by making it impossible for your phone to be unlocked when your eyes are closed.’

The newly improved Face ID 2.0 is more intelligent and can detect eye-status of open, closed or sideways not only frontal faces but also for rotated or tilted head poses’ says the release.

HiOS 5.5

The newly improved Face ID 2.0 is more intelligent and can detect eye-status of open, closed or sideways not only frontal faces but also for rotated or tilted head poses’ says the release

The 5 .5 is ‘the smarter way to reach your favorite tools’ as it ‘comes with an upgrade to the smart panel- a shortcut capability that allows you to access any app or use any tool on your phone from any screen.

You can get things done faster by ‘simply swiping right on any screen to access your favorite feature. You can (also) easily snap a selfie or record a video from any screen without having to locate the camera app.

The HiOS 5.5 is also said to ‘allow (one) to have the Hi Translate tool handy which means you can smartly translate an unfamiliar language to your language without having to leave your current screen.’

What will you also find on HiOS 5.5? Well we are informed that ‘a new HiOS lab (that can be found in the HiOS 5.0) that allows you to test out features and tools still in development on an opt-in basis’.

Find armed and waiting for trespassers ‘a new Face ID security system that helps you unlock your phone even when your eyes are closed’.

A ‘smart data switcher that allows you to switch between the SIM cards you are using to connect to the internet in just one click.

Finally, available is a ‘fingerprint reset password that allows you to reset your password using your fingerprint when you can’t remember your lock codes or patterns.


Samsung sets new standards with Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra: See prices as pre-order begins



Samsung NOTE20
Samsung NOTE20
  • Launches other new power devices to empower your work, play

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. hosted it’s first-ever Galaxy Unpacked virtual event live streamed from Korea to introduce a new suite of power devices.

Samsung Note20 Ultra phone

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Five devices were revealed during the event, that seamlessly integrate to empower consumers navigating a rapidly changing world: Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra, the most powerful Note series yet; Galaxy Z Fold2, the next generation foldable smartphone with enhanced refinements, Galaxy Buds Live, stylish and ergonomic ear buds with amazing sound quality; Tab S7 and S7+, versatile tablets for productivity and creativity; Galaxy Watch3, a premium smart watch along with advanced health features.

“Never before have we relied on technology like we are today. It’s how we are staying connected as we navigate the extraordinary challenges faced around the world,” said Mr Caden Yu, Managing Director, Samsung Nigeria.

The Note series introduces new Mystic colors – soft neutral tones that transcend changing trends with a brand new, textured haze effect that cuts down on fingerprints and smudges. Galaxy Note20 Ultra in Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, Mystic White while Note20 is available in Mystic Bronze, Mystic Green, Mystic Gray.

Some of the highlight of Note 20 series that embraces the new normal.

Power to Work

An Advanced S Pen:

The enhanced S Pen offers the ultimate writing experience so you can capture your ideas whenever inspiration strikes. It gives you more accuracy and responsiveness delivering text similar to pen on paper.

The S Pen’s actions makes touch less navigation of your device possible – like returning to the home screen or taking a screenshot – as simple as a flick of the wrist

More Flexible and Useful Samsung Notes App Experience

Samsung Notes app features auto-save and syncing capabilities, so lost work becomes a thing of the past and you can pick up right where you left off as you move from device to device.

Samsung Notes easily straightens your messy handwriting into legible penmanship.

Giving feedback is also easier now that you can annotate and highlight PDFs in Samsung Notes app. Record audio as you jot down notes, and just tap a word in your notes to go to that moment in the recording. And keep it all organized with a new, intuitive folder management that makes everything easier to find.

Work Smarter across Devices: Microsoft’s Your Phone app with Link to Windows integration now enables you to easily access your mobile apps directly from your Windows 10 PC without disrupting your flow. It’s simple and convenient to send messages, manage notifications, sync photos and make and receive calls all from your Windows PC.

Power to Play

Cinematic-Style Filmmaking in the Palm of Your Hand

With 21:9 aspect ratio and 24fps recording, the Galaxy Note20 series’ 8K camera now gives you access to ultra-high resolution and a professional quality video experience.

Use powerful Pro Video mode with pro-grade focus, audio, exposure, zoom speed control, and 120 fps video at FHD for cinematic-style videos.

You can also control audio sources on the Galaxy Note20 series, adjusting gain and selecting between onboard mics or external sources, so the sound you want comes through clearly. Paired with Galaxy Buds Live, for example, you can record crystal-clear audio while minimizing noise in the background.

Master Multitasking with Advanced Samsung DeX

For the first time with Samsung DeX, wirelessly connect the Galaxy Note20 series to a Smart TV when you need a bigger screen. Manage two screens simultaneously so you can text with your friends on the Galaxy Note20 series while watching a video in a Smart TV.

Samsung devices and services are designed to work together effortlessly, elevating not only your work and play, but everything that’s important to you.


The Note20 Series would be available for Pre order from the 14th of August for two weeks with limited FREE buds live for early adopters.

You can Pre order at any authorized Samsung Store, Online or with Telcos.


The Note20 Series would be officially available in the market from the 28th of August with an exciting offer at a recommended retail price of N409, 000 and N525, 000 for Note20 and Note20 Ultra respectively.

Visit any of Samsung Experience Store nationwide for an amazing and pleasurable experience of the Galaxy ecosystem.

Be assured that it is more than worth it.

Device Specifications

The Note20 comes with a 6.7” FHD+ display, Triple Camera(12MP+64MP+12MP), 10MP Front Camera and a 4,300MAh Intelligent battery while Note20 Ultra features a 6.9” WQHD+ display, Triple Camera(108MP+12MP+12MP), 10MP Front Camera and a 4,500MAh.

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Motorola Solutions launches new device targeted at SMEs in Sub Saharan Africa



Motorola Solutions

A global leader in mission-critical communications, Motorola Solutions, has launched a new two-way radio device specially designed for small and medium businesses in Sub Saharan Africa.

The MOTOTRBO™ DP540 two-way radio is built for cost-conscious businesses looking to transition to digital technology for reliable and efficient communications.

As demand for digital radio communication rises, small and medium businesses are looking for simple and affordable solutions for their communication needs without the need to compromise on quality. MOTOTRBO™ DP540 is the perfect tool for users in need of an entry-level digital radio, offering ease of use and powerful digital-enabled features.

The new device, available through certified Motorola Solutions resellers in Sub-Saharan Africa, is based on the ETSI Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Standard, proven worldwide in affordable digital systems with low complexity.

“In today’s economy, small and medium businesses are constantly under pressure to deliver more, and deliver fast, all while keeping a conscious mind on reducing costs,” said the Director of Motorola Solutions indirect sales for Sub-Saharan Africa, Laurent Tribout. “With this in mind, we’ve developed a communication solution that holds all the necessary features in one affordable device”

Ruggedly versatile, digital out-of-the-box

One of the risks of migrating from analogue to digital technology is the transition period which can potentially interrupt business operations.

To make this transition smooth and easy, the MOTOTRBO™ DP540 can operate on both digital and analogue modes.

In this way, radio users can operate and communicate on their new MOTOTRBO DP540 radios while on the job, as the business transitions to digital technology.

The compact, ruggedly-engineered device is built to withstand harsh conditions and resist corrosion even in the saltiest environments such as seaports and harbours.

It boasts superior audio output and unique features, such as voice announcement customization, allowing users to customize the default voice announcement languages using their own audio files. MOTOTRBO™ DP540 is also built for multi-language working environments, with special audio profiles designed to deliver enhanced audio quality when speaking languages with distinct rolled “R”s such as French or Afrikaans.

Handsfree when sensitisation is key

As in many mission-critical work areas, healthcare workers rely on two-way radio communication for many of their daily tasks.

Whether it’s coordinating patient arrivals, or briefing an ambulance team on the way to a scene. In many circumstances, such as medical staff treating COVID-19 patients, it is not ideal for personnel to be handling their radio devices.

The portfolio of MOTOTRBO devices, including the new DP540 model, is equipped with a Voice-activated Transmit (VOX) feature, which allows users to operate their radio without the need to press the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button.

Along with compatible earpieces designed for handsfree operation, healthcare workers and other essential workers can keep their hands free and clean.

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OPPO Mobile unveils OPPO A92: Here are the powerful features Nigerians will enjoy




OPPO Mobile Nigeria, today, introduces a killer mid-range smartphone in the OPPO A92, as well as a lower variant in form of the OPPO A52.

Coming with a refreshing design and powerful settings in both hardware and software, OPPO A92 aims to deliver advanced technology in everyday usage scenarios.

The A Series of OPPO is widely loved by young people around the world, OPPO A92 is built standing on user’s needs. With large capacity of 8GB RAM+128GB ROM and 5000mAh Battery, it levels up the fundamental capabilities.

Together with magnificent 1080P Neo-Display and 48MP AI Quad Camera, OPPO A92 stands out as a full package, offering trendy and dynamic technologies, design and experience.

The Marketing Manager of OPPO Nigeria, Nengi Akinola, emphasised that the OPPO A92 was designed based on the feedback from young Nigerians who often shared their feedback on forums like Nairaland and other Social Media Platforms.

He admitted that the OPPO A92’s predecessor was largely successful and popular since it was released and consumer data revealed that it was very popular among young Nigerians.

During the launch event for the OPPO A92, she also reiterated by saying that OPPO A92’s launch was to further serve young Nigerians with a versatile and powerful product designed in trendy style and most updated tech features. “We have noticed the remarkable market changes in the past few years. The rise of visual expression seeing in social media platform, and the technological advancement utilized in entertainment experience. We hope OPPO A92 can help the young generation to cope with the changes in their lives, find their personal expression style, and to shine at every important moment of life,” said Nengi Akinola, at the launch.

Committed to user-centric philosophy, OPPO A92 is packed with 8GB RAM+128GB ROM to ensure system speed and smoothness. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 665, the OPPO A92 is pumped with upgraded features in lower power consumption.

Meanwhile, Hyper Boost efficiently improves the handset’s performance on system level.

To support the powerful system performance, a powerful 5,000 mAh Battery is embedded together with the 18W Fast Charge, which enables OPPO A92 easily help you get through the day without needing a charge.

It also supports reverse charging, allowing you to charge a friend’s phone without needing a power bank.


OPPO Nigeria Brand Ambassador, Natacha Akide a.k.a Tacha with OPPO A92

To better match the lifestyle and tastes of young Nigerians, OPPO has made some innovative adjustments while designing OPPO A92. For the first time, a Constellation Design is applied on OPPO products.

With 3D Quad-curve design, OPPO A92’s curvature on the back is greatly optimized, leading to a rounder and more comfortable handgrip. Even with a large battery installed, OPPO A92 weighs 192g with a good ergonomic grip.

OPPO A92 with 48 MP AI Quad Camera is a complete package of all the trending photography features. 48MP Ultra HD Main Camera with ½”Extra-large Sensor brings high-resolution imaging capability and high resolving capability, providing users with an on-the-go photography device to explore better detailed clarity in images. The four rear cameras are integrated together and arranged in the form of a letter C, along with the well-designed flash.

The OPPO A92 is designed into an on-the-go filming handset which makes high-quality video shooting and editing more accessible. 4K Video Shooting will deliver high-quality videos that are clearer, more stable, with more vivid colors and no latency, as today’s users are asking for.

The imaging capability under distinctive lighting contrast has been optimized profoundly.

Whether under strong sunlight or at night, flaws like noise and color distortion will be significantly reduced.

As one of OPPO’s signature features, Video Stability is also embedded on OPPO A92 to help users cope up with moving and shaking scenarios. Moreover, Wide Angle Video is added to obtain an even wider field of view.

With OPPO’s self-developed smart editing App Sloop and diversified video filters, users can make their movie-like video ideas come true and become their own directors of life.

Adopting a 6.5-inch 1080P Neo-Display, OPPO A92 takes the flagship design language to the next level. With a front camera embedded, it comes with ultra-high screen-to-body ratio of 90.5%, and only 1.73 mm bezels on left and right.

The resolution of 2400 × 1080 pixels and 405 PPI pixel density have exceeded the recognition limit of human eyes, achieving ultra-immersive visual experience. Holding the Eye Protection Certification by TüV Rheinland, the Eye Care Mode of OPPO A92 can effectively filter out the blue light of the screen, which will significantly reduce the harm to the users’ eyes, ensuring more comfort when using.

Also, the AI Backlight Adjustment will intelligently learn the reading habit of user, to come up with a personalized automatic backlight adjustment.

Side Fingerprint Unlock is also new to the series. On OPPO A92, the Power Button and Fingerprint Recognition Button are integrated on one side, devoting to an intact and simple overall back design. Located on the side, unlocking saves you the trouble to smudge the screen with fingerprints or even pick it up. It is also faster than on-screen fingerprint unlocking with a higher recognition rate.

OPPO A92 offers an amazing audio-visual banquet with many more surprising features.

The Dual Stereo Speakers are set on the top and bottom respectively to boost the surrounding sound effect.

Together with the Dirac 2.0 Sound Effect, OPPO A92 can automatically switch between different sound scenarios, allowing users to immediately enter another world when they turn on the immersive audio.

As OPPO’s latest iteration of its customized Android 10-based operating system, ColorOS 7.1 obtains a lightweight designing language and aims to create an ultimate aesthetic and delightful experience. Multiple modes are supported on OPPO A92 to help users juggle between different aspects of life, including a Simple Mode that shows only the current task in large font, a Multi-user Mode to keep work and life separated, and a Riding Mode specifically for bikers and motor riders. With Quick Return Bubble, OPPO A92 helps you to prioritize and efficiently organize tasks on your phone, making life much easier.

The Real-time Privacy Protection is embedded to enhance the security of users’ personal data.

The A92 is also available in a slightly watered down version in the form of the OPPO A52.

Market availability

Priced at N109,900, OPPO A92 (8GB+128GB) is now available for sale in all 36 states of Nigeria.

Colours are Aurora Purple and Twilight Black.

The OPPO A52 (4GB+128GB) is also available at N94,900. Colours are Twilight Black and Stream White


OPPO is a leading global smart device brand. Since launching its first smartphone – “Smiley Face” – in 2008, OPPO has been in relentless pursuit of the synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology, Today, OPPO provides customers with a wide range of smart devices spearheaded by the Find and Reno series, ColorOS operating system, as well as internet services such as OPPO Cloud and OPPO+.

OPPO operates in more than 40 countries and regions, with 6 research institutes and 4 R&D centers worldwide and an international design center in London, OPPO’s more than 40,000 employees are dedicated to creating a better life for customers around the world.

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