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Foreign investors benefit more from Govt’s ease of doing business – ANCO laments



Nigeria improved in World Bank ease of doing business ranking, but is it really easier to do business there?

Africa’s most populous nation, improved its ranking on the World Bank ease of doing business index, published in October 2019, but some analysts argue that doesn’t necessarily mean an improved economy. To the Association of Nigeria Courier Operators, ANCO, the country still has anti-business policies, especially at the Local Government level.

The country now ranks 131 on the World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 index,  moving up 15 places from its 2019 spot and has been tagged as one of the most improved economies in the world for running a business. had a chat with the President of ANCO, Mr. Okey Uba to ascertain how players in the courier and logistics sub-sector feel about the government’s supposed ease of doing business.

He argued that foreign investors benefit more from the government’s plan as they are accorded preferential treatments.

Mr. Uba who became the ANCO President in May 2019, started by discussing the plans his administration has for the members:

““Well, it has been sweet and bitter. Sweet in the sense that we are more focused and on a pedestal to think of what will be good for the Association and the industry generally. You are on the driver’s seat, at least to think out all policies and actions that will be good for the Association and be in the position to see to their implementation.

“Bitter in the sense that the general business terrain of the country is a bit more difficult. Thus it is sad to see some of those nice thought out policies to be carried out on a general platform being hindered by the encumbrances on the Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria. But I know it will get better.

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What are the areas your leadership is focusing on?


“We have just four cardinal points. One is the issue of professionalism and Human resource development; another is to sanitize the industry by identifying and having a data on genuine industry operators. On that, we have to work with the CRD to see how we can cleanse the industry as there are lot of negative things perpetrated by characters claiming to be courier operators. Three, we work towards creating harmony and synergy amongst operators on the various facets of the industry and four, we have to engage various stakeholders to see that the Federal Government policy on Ease of Doing Business is actualised in the industry..

Secondly, you are asking the state government to implement the law that bars commercial motorcycle. How about the activities of the Local Government officials affecting the operators?

“It is one of the things that this EXCO is determined to fight which is actualisation of Federal government slogan on the ease of doing business. When you’re talking of bringing foreign investors, what about ease of doing business for the local investors?

“A situation where different local government areas have different requirements or taxation for passage on roads and transactions. We have approached them several times. We suggested that there should be a universal ticket, recognised by ALGON, that covers all 774 local government areas in the country. This will help reign in the excesses of these local government officials. They need to understand how sensitive and time conscious courier delivery system is.


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“They see a courier man carrying time sensitive materials and then delay him for mere tickets. So, there’s need to control them and to make the local government official understand that there are saner ways of revenue drive.

“We are not against them generating revenue but you don’t make it in a way that will put another person’s job into jeopardy or making it look as multi taxation. Let it be harmonised. When they came up with Joint Tax Board (JTB), it was to help solve the situation but implementation wasn’t run effectively.

To be continued:

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