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[REVIEW] 110,500 porting activities in 2019; NCC resolves 17,851 complaints [part v]



NCC and Subscribers Complaints, MNP
Since the implementation of Mobile Number Portability, MNP, by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC on March, 26, 2013 telecom subscribers in Nigerians were given the power to truly hire and fire any network operator ‘at will’, especially for poor service delivery.

This is the major essence of the MNP implementation.


EVC of NCC, Prof. Danbatta

Although, there are arguments from the foregoing that the four major operators in Nigeria – Glo, MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile – share similar or common challenges which include but not limited to poor service delivery.

However, the NCC believes that the subscriber should not bear the brunt when a particular service provider witnesses continuous deteriorating service delivery. Thus, MNP was introduced to ensure no subscriber is locked-out by any operators from legally using the service they have subscribed to.

The issue of drop calls, over charging on calls, SMS failures and charges, data subscription yet unusable, exorbitant data tariff, unable to call with airtime availability, USSD transaction failures; a ‘partner’ calls unreachable yet with you, charges for service(s) not rendered and so on and so forth, ranges among the challenges subscribers face in the industry.

Advantages of MNP

Without mincing words, MNP has empowered the subscriber in many ways. It offers the porting subscriber the ability to retain the Number porting to a new telecom service provider.

To us, this is a remarkable advantage that MNP offers to the game. Our argument is hinged on the fact that, most Nigerian telecoms subscribers, in the past, refused to adopt a new number from another provider, despite been offered poor and terrible services from the network service provider operator.


This is borne out of the fact that, majority of them have been using the said number they don’t want to lose from the inception of Mobile Telephone services in Nigeria.

Therefore, switching to a new service provider will mean that, you have to notify all your contacts about the new number, thereby giving you extra work to do. But with MNP, your contacts are still intact with your identified number even though you are now on operator B network.

So, with regards to the uptake of Mobile Number Portability (MNP), record 110, 500 numbers were ported between January, 2019 and October, 2019, as against 71, 723 subscribers who ported their lines between the same 10-month period in 2018.


This increase in porting activities in 2019 is attributable to increased public education and awareness by the Nigerian Communication Commission led by the Executive Vice Chairman, Prof. Umar Danbatta, as they intensified awareness on the availability and usage of MNP across geo-political zones.

In other words, this increase in porting activities cannot be attributed squarely to ‘decrease’ or deteriorating network provisioning rather more subscribers are now aware of the power they have to hire and fire any network operator ‘at will’.

Stepping up consumer complaints resolution management

Similarly, NCC deserves some accolades for its penchant to empower the consumer.

NCC and DnD 622

NCC launched DND codes to further empower telecom subscribers…

The Commission has initiated some credible and remarkable platforms through which the subscribers can derive value for money spent and get protected from the pool of Value Added Service (VAS) messages.

Also, in terms of consumer complaints management, the Commission received a total of 19,841 complaints from telecoms consumers across its various consumer complaints channels.

Statistics before shows that, of these, the NCC successfully resolved 17,851, representing a 90 percent success rate of consumer complaints resolution during the period under review.

Specifically, a total of 18, 717 complaints were lodged through the NCC Contact Centre by the customers to the Commission with a larger percentage satisfactorily solved. while other subscribers used other means to lodge their complaints.

Little wonder, therefore, that based on their satisfaction with all these facilities provided for them to resolve their issues, a total of 19,345 satisfied consumers sent notes of commendation/appreciation to the Commission through calls made to the NCC Contact Centre and e-mails received via the NCC Consumer Portal.

All of these were to appreciate the various regulatory interventions that helped in satisfactorily resolving their telecoms service-related issues.

Also in 2019, exposure to unsolicited text messages by the consumers declined drastically through the popularisation by the Commission and the resultant activation of the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) Short Code 2442 facility by the subscribers.


Though, a voluntary service, a total of 22,356, 919 subscribers have now activated the DND service either fully or partially.

Aside all these impressive statistics, the Commission, in 2019, focused more on some key initiatives that have put the industry and the economy on a growth trajectory.

…to be continued

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