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iT360 Academy
Coding is vast becoming an essential skill for grown-ups and children alike, and It wouldn’t be surprising in few years-time, coding will become a lifestyle; anyone who fails to up skill will remain irrelevant in the 21st century.

With job losses to AI in the coming decades predicted in the millions, coding is one skill that looks future proof.

According to The Guardian report: “there are over 23 million coders in the world and that number will reach almost 28 million within five years-time.

The benefits of picking up this skill early, especially for kids, are huge and can’t be overemphasized.

This, as a result, has led to the formation of Tech Hangout for Kids, an initiative powered by iT360 Academy, aimed at enlightening, empowering and enabling youngsters with coding skills required to make the world a better place.

The maiden edition was done at Ibadan, Oyo state and it witnessed about two hundred thousand participants.

According to Mr Oluwaseyi Olaleye, Everyone can code, especially kids, if we introduce it to them as early as possible. Coding is fun, satisfying and digestible”.

He further stressed, let us inculcate coding “culture” into their lifestyles in order for them to impact generation to come.

iT360 Academy has been poised to help youngsters learn basic and advanced programming skills required to build simple or complex web apps and games.

Undoubtedly, this academy would not only help them refine their thinking pattern and alleviate problem-solving abilities, but will nurture them to express creative ideas in an innovative ways.

According to Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata “CFA”, the founder of, stressed that “today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders: tech leaders and great inventors.


He added that: “Let us give our ward the opportunity to be a part of the changing tech ecosy​​stem early enough so that they can compete internationally.

I am sure you wouldn’t allow your child or children to miss this opportunity. Quickly register your child using this link:

This event holds on Saturday 15th of February, 2020. You might want to check out their website for information.

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