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Securing Nigeria’s cyber future from Comercio, HISPI’s perspective  



Nigeria’s economic prospects for the future can be severely impacted by its ability as a nation to safeguard its citizens privacy and critical data.

While the challenges are many-fold (such as seen in this report Nigerian banks become targets of Russian hackers), partnerships between organizations like Comercio Ltd, a leading IT Solutions provider based in Lagos, Nigeria, and the Holistic Information Security Institute (HISPI), a 501(3)(c) non-profit cybersecurity training and certification organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, bodes well for Nigeria’s strategy to improve the country’s readiness and provide education and career opportunities for its citizens in emerging fields like cybersecurity.

Comercio and HISPI are partnering to provide cybersecurity management training and certifications courses in Lagos, Nigeria.


Photo credit: Comercio Ltd

The Group Managing Director, Comercio Limited, Mrs Aderonke Adeyegbe says, “We are very excited about this relationship and partnership which started in May last year in Atlanta, this has culminated in the organization of different forums such as webinars and Conferences to educate and engage our Clients on proven Cyber Security solutions.”

“Our highly successful and well attended Conference on 4t, October, 2019 in Lagos is a testament of our resolve to continue to render best in class Cyber Security Training with a world class recognized brand and we are proud to say home grown solution that aligns with International standards. We have kick started our roadmap for this year, 2020 with Awareness Creation for Cyber Security and Training programs that is sure to educate and prepare both young and experienced professionals with the requisite skills set to close the gap on skills shortage both globally and locally and prepare them for Certifications.”

“These are indeed interesting times for both Comercio Limited and HISPI. Our goal for Year 2020 is to create Cyber Security awareness for over a 50,000 people and Training for over 1,000 people, while deploying Cyber Security solutions this year for both public and private sectors, not only in Nigeria but across the Pan African region.”


Founder of HISPI, Taiye Lambo – Photo Credit: Comercio Ltd

First and Former CISO, City of Atlanta, Georgia, USA and Founder of CloudeAssuranceeFortresses and HISPI, Taiye Lambo, adds, “Annual Loss to Cybercrime is between $600 Billion and as much as $3 Trillion. Nigeria itself lost $649 million to Cybercrime in 2017, the real number is probably much higher.” 

“The Rich Nigerian Prince Scam is one of our most notorious exports to the world. This has significantly damaged the Nigerian brand, image and reputation and the opportunity cost is huge! We need to change this narrative from that of Cybercriminals to Ethical Cyberists that are part of the solution not the problem.” 

“The increasing spate of brain drain from the 80s, has created a big VOID and talent gap in Nigeria. We need to either work together to slow down or reverse this trend, or we accept it and take advantage of it as countries like India have done!”

Become part of the solution and set yourself and/or your team on this holistic leadership track with the foundational cybersecurity management training from Comercio Ltd and HISPI.


Cross section of attendees at the 2019 event – Photo credit: Comercio Ltd

A HISP certification effectively blends technology, processes and people to meet company goals, the professional is often considered to be a hybrid Information Security professional with a balance of technical and business skills.

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Registration is open for the first class scheduled March 23 – 27, 2020, Lagos, Nigeria.

Visit the HISPI website to select the preferred class date.


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