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Travel Guide: Novel Coronavirus Map gives you real time reports on Coronavirus




As at the last check on Thursday February 27, 2020 at 11:57pm, Novel Coronavirus Map has reported 82,687 confirmed cases of the dangerous disease that is currently ravaging the world; putting economies through the sword.



The map shows 2,814 reported deaths as of 11:52pm Feb 27, 2020. This shows that there exist a 1:29 death ratio as at this moment.

As at the last check, there are about 78,497 confirmed cases recorded in China making it the single country with the highest number of confirmed cases, with next door neighbours South Korea coming a distant second with over 1,766 cases with 13 reported deaths.

Unfortunately, there are confirmed cases of the virus in 18 countries in Europe, 16 countries in Asia, 9 countries in the Middle East, 2 countries in Africa, Canada, Brazil and the US.

Novel Coronavirus Map’s live count keeps changing as and when it gets updated. This gives you an idea where the virus is spreading on a daily basis. This will most definitely help with your travel plans around the world.

“With the advancement in technology, leveraging data analytics we would be able speak in real time very soon”, writes the Philanthropies Lead at Microsoft, Orimolade Oluwamuyemi.

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