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[ANALYSIS]: Did Airtel Nigeria Really slash data prices?



There was recently  an announcement from Airtel Nigeria that the Telcom company has crashed her data prices as part of commitments“to supporting the Federal Government’s drive to provide affordable and quality mobile Internet and broadband for more Nigerians”.

Airtel said they are now offering “huge discounts on its monthly and weekly data bundle plans”.

Airtel 6GB for N1500

But, we became curious following the wave of complaints from readers who alleged that the telco was ‘playing smart’ wish such announcement. In fact, some made a lot of unprintable remarks about the news.

Also, since the wake of the New Year, Airtel has engaged in massive advertisements claiming the data plans have slashed astronomically and that Nigerians should migrate to “the smartphone network”.

Incidentally, the feedback from some Airtel customers indicates the prices were not really crashed and that Airtel is simply shining the torch on some existing data plans that make them look good.

For example, in this post by Teknitel, they break down the true cost of the Airtel Talkmore promotions and it looks like it is not as fantastic as promised.

So we decided to put the Airtel price slash to the test and compare it with their biggest competitor’s data plans and this is what we found out:

We carried out a comparative analysis of MTN vs Airtel Nigeria’s data plans and would like to request if you can carry out your independent research for confirmation.


Please note that this is not a smear campaign against Airtel Nigeria. Instead, this is a journalist’s drive for the truth. That innate inquisitiveness that helps drive developmental strides in society.

Now, let’s dig in!


Airtel vs MTN

In their daily plans we can see that MTN offers a data allowance of 250 MB at the price of 200 Naira and with a validity period of two days, Airtel has the 200 Naira plan as well but offer only 200 MB but with a validity period of 3 days.

Airtel, on the other hand, offer more data allowance (1GB) for 300 Naira compared to  MTN’s 750MB at the same price.

But of course, MTN has a 1GB daily plan that goes for 350 Naira and offers a whopping 500 more MB than Airtel for their 500 Naira plans that offer 2.5GB and 2GB respectively.



Airtel vs MTN

We can see here that Airtel matches MTN here with their weekly data plans both with their pricing and their data allowances but MTN still edges them out by offering the 1000 Naira for 2GB weekly plan.


Airtel vs MTN

While Airtel has no plan for 2000 Naira, the 2500 Naira plan offers subscribers 6gb which is valid for 7 days and MTN offers 6gb for a lower fee of 1500 naira.

Also, a social media influencer carried out a poll and you can see the result here:

Airtel data slash

With this analysis, we believe the ball is now in Airtel’s court to come out clearer on this.

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Saviour Adugba is a journalist by day and a poet by night. He is fascinated by the internet of things, virtual reality and connecting the dots for brands. Saviour is the Lead, Content Development at

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