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COVID-19: Heritage Bank promises seamless service delivery to customers



Heritage Bank office
Heritage Bank Plc said it has taken workable steps to offer faultless services to customers, at the same time as ensuring the health and safety of its workers and others due to the coronavirus deadly disease.

The bank, in a statement, said it has put in place emergency response actions to reduce and deal with the risk arising from the disturbance of business activities due to the spreading virus.

Heritage bank said it has also put in place payment means and logistics to retain operations as various state governments support the lockdown to control the deadly disease.

The bank’s management in a statement explained that part of its business continuity management is to assure faultless service delivery to its stakeholders, implement actions to deal with the significant business risk that might have grown impact on the economy, and at the same time taken sensibly feasible steps to reduce the danger.

According to Heritage Bank, incognizant with the protocols proffered by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other health agencies has provided a work environment that is safe and sufficient for workers in carrying out their work.

The bank stressed that it has maintained a maximum of 10 per cent of staff who comprise mainly unit heads and “must have” working from its location during these times of worries, while others work distantly from home to obey the social isolation command.

The bank further said that efforts have been ongoing via its intranet and other means to keep staff and customers up-to-date with the latest cooronavirus information and provide clear direction and guidance expected of workers and customers.

The financial institution added that they have imposed and continue to monitor the need for workers to put into practice good hygiene, such as regular hand washing, contact reduction with others through shaking of hands, use of sanitizer, covering their mouths while coughing or sneezing.

They also persuade workers to seek medical advice if they are ill and not fit for work as appropriately seek advice from health authorities immediately if there has been a confirmed case of coronavirus and for staff who are arriving from affected countries to self-quarantine for 14 days.

To ensure faultless banking transactions, the bank said customers are always communicated to, to implement its available 24/7 alternating electronic channels.

The Heritage Bank Plc stressed that have set up a coronavirus Support Centre to offer safety tips on COVID-19 to all their customers during this pandemic period, in support of the efforts of the Government and relevant bodies.

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