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Enextgen begins monitoring of 4G LTE quality in Kano State



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Kano as centre of Commerce in Nigeria
In 2019, Enext Wireless Inc launched its independent 4G LTE mobile network visualization titled Enext Metrics in Nigeria.

The service maps and reports the RF quality of broadband LTE service in each evaluated bin (about 100m x 100m area) for easy visualization.

4G LTE in Kano State

Kano as centre of Commerce in Nigeria recalls that some of the recurring issues in the 2019 reports were packet delay latency; some telcos despite good Radio Frequency coverage quality, continued to lag in ranking. Very high packet delay latency is a contributor.

“Our primary mission is to facilitate the ability of Nigerians to gain reliable and cost-effective access to mobile broadband communications using mobile broadband LTE networks. Through this means, we also provide national mobile network operators an opportunity to reduce churn and achieve a rapid increase in broadband subscription”, the President of Enext Wireless Inc., Engr. Remi Adeyeye told

Now that 4G LTE service is available in Kano, the Company has started monitoring its quality. “We started on the 26th of March, 2020.

“We will add LTE services from other major networks as they become available.

The figure below shows a sample of the quality of broadband LTE coverage in Kano State:

Data Science Nigeria Bootcamp 2019

Source: Enextgen

For more information please visit the website.

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