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Nigeria Computer Society admonishes public, private institutions to leapfrog ICT adoption



President Buhari in a group photograph with the leadership of CPN and NCS
Following COVID-19 pandemic everybody is in a compulsory but necessary house arrest just to mitigate against the scourge of the dreaded disease.

There is lockdown all over the world, national and international market are locked down, every nation to its shell.

In this critical period, the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) believes that some basic and essential government and business operations must not be completely stalled hence they should leapfrog Information and Communication Technology (ICT) adoption.

The President of Nigeria Computer Society, Prof. Adesina Sodiya in an email to, recognizes that already, some corporate business activities are being run online.

Nigeria Computer Society

Prof. Sodiya –
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He said, “The current development has opened our eyes to Information Technology-based platforms such as teleworking (e-working), telecommuting, telemedicine, e-learning, crowdsourcing, and so on.

“Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), the umbrella body of all IT practitioners, has indeed been pushing for improved adoption technology and e-services over the years. The society wish to further encourage Federal, State, Local Governments, business organisations, schools and institutions to fully leverage ICT as a remedy to palliate the effect of COVID-19 on social, environmental, education, health and economic activities.

He further told that, “At this lock down period, distribution of stimulus packages to her citizenry would have been seamless if adequate infrastructure has been put in place to propel NIMC to rise to its responsibility of having an integrated National Database. This is just one example out of many. We need to stop playing lip service to our policies. There must be end-to–end technological development/deployment at National, State, and Local Government levels.

“The impact of COVID 19 has really exposed some of Nigeria’s inadequacies in all facet of our daily living. However, this Country is blessed with talented and skillful professionals. Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), the umbrella body of all IT professionals and practitioners is fully ready and ever prepared to assist in the research, development, deployment and sustainability of the digital transformation. However, organisations and governments must then improve their ICT infrastructure capacity and provide the enabling environment for requite skills acquisition and development for seamless adoption of IT”.

Nigeria Computer Society

Prof. Adesina further encouraged computer professionals in the country to “avoid places that expose you to avoidable human contact such as open market, malls, banks, ATM spots, are top of the safety advisory list.

“Alternatives to carrying out these day to day activities without human contact are highly sought after and the good news is that we can leverage on ICT”.

He said that the Society will continue to thrust the full integration of IT in all facets of the nation’s daily activities.

“It is then essential for all stakeholders to join hands with NCS in this digital transformation agenda”, he concluded.

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