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Coven Works launches AI School; targets 200,000 beneficiaries in 6months



Learn AI at COVEN Works

As part of the efforts to democratize and encourage both young people and job seekers to embrace life-long learning and tee of their career pathway in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Coven Works Inc has launched into the market its AI school online learning academy which aims at onboarding 200,000 young people/ job seekers from all of the worlds within the first 6 months of its go live into the market.

As an organization hinged on a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement, one key element is the ability to create solutions that give an exponential effect on outcomes. Concerning the intensity in the demand for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence skillsets, and the demand for this knowledge keeps growing. Data Science enthusiasts are looking for more cutting edge means to crush time and space to gain the knowledge they need.

Coven Works – An American firm that focuses on raising the workforce for tomorrow is one of the organizations that has been known for right-skilling and upskilling young people across the globe on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence skillsets.

COVEN WOrks AI School

Coven Works AI School

They have been at it since 2018 and have attracted International Affiliations from the likes of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, Governmental support from Edo State, Ondo State, and the German Government. 

With more than 100 Technical Fellows and 2500+ Alumni Network, the organization is set to scale its mandate through this online academy that will give more data enthusiasts and to access its a go. 

The initial plan is to admit 200,000 people within 6 months and guide them into a new career pathway in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Disregarding what their background might look like – new to technology or not. With the hand holding training within the platform, learners can take the Self-Paced Learning Modules or the Virtual Instructor Lead Path.

While both come with high real-time support from their technical fellows with a lot of accountability structure wired into the Online Learning School, we believe that this platform can fast track the learning rates of participants. 


Coven Works logo

 As a way of demonstrating the mantra: “Everyone can learn AI” – Coven Works will be given a two-week window for participants to access the platform for free. This is for enthusiasts to download free data science resources from the members’ area. While they can upgrade into any of the learning pathways they choose to take. 

Already, we have 150 beneficiaries who have been given sponsored access to experience this platform. And the feedback has been mind-blowing.

According to Bolaji Yakubu, one of the beneficiaries of the sponsored access to the platform he said “I enjoy the fact that despite the simplified approach the trainers use, I also enjoy the chance I have to go over the classes over and over again. I don’t have to battle with Foreign English Accent. By the way, this is my first approach to Coding“.

Also lending his voice to this milestone solution, the Country Director of Coven Works, Dunsin Fatuase, said  “We believe that it’s not just coincidental that this platform is ready at the time when the world is almost at a standstill, everyone can leverage this platform and learn Artificial Intelligence at a click.” 

Dunsin Fatuase

Coven Works country director, Dunsin Fatuase

As Coven Works believes that this solution is an answer to many people’s requests – private, public, and international organizations; they have mentioned that they will drive the adoption of the platform in numerous use cases and drive the results as well.

Coven Works has made provisions for people to access the resources in the members’ sections and the platform will be opened for free by 25th May 2020 till June 7, 2020. With this, interested persons can have access to open sections while they can choose to upgrade when they want.

It’s also interesting to know that there is a multicultural approach to the benefits learners get by using this platform as the platform also hosts participants from North America, Asia, and the UK.

The world is truly borderless and there is no limit to the possibilities for people interested in Data Science, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence can consume local content with a systematic approach and active community to learn from.

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