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How Boomplay Nigeria increased overall daily active users, consumption during Covid-19 lockdown- Dele Kadiri



Dele Kadiri


Dele Kadiri is the General Manager of Boomplay Nigeria, an innovative music streaming service in Nigeria. In this interview, he shares with TechEconmy’s Saviour Adugba how Boomplay has gained more traction, penetrating the Nigerian market even during the COVID-19 melee. But has the pandemic affected the company, and its vision for the future? Dele Kadiri speaks:

Q: What Boomplay is and when it was introduced to the Nigerian market.

Dele: Boomplay is a music streaming and download service provided by Transsnet Music Limited. It is currently the biggest and fastest growing music app in Africa with a catalogue of 20 million songs and videos which is still growing day by day.

As of January 2020, Boomplay has over 68 million users globally and it consistently ranks as one of the top downloaded mobile apps in Africa and is currently available on Android, iOS and Web.

Boomplay was first launched in Nigeria in 2015.

Q: How Boomplay has managed to penetrate the Nigerian market.

Dele: Boomplay started off by employing a pre-install strategy which lead to quick adoption and penetration of the Nigerian Market. 

The first introduction was the pre-installation of the app on the TECNO Boom J7 music phone, back in 2015. Due to a high demand from non-TECNO users in such a short time, we then made the service available on the Google Play store for all Android users.

Although the pre-installation strategy helped at the initial stage, we have gone on to record more successes by being innovative, making it easy to use our service, continuously providing rich and diverse content catalogue in the app and adopting the right marketing strategy.

Q: Specifics on the market share covered by Boomplay in the Music Streaming industry in Nigeria.

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Dele: As mentioned earlier, as of January 2020, Boomplay has over 68 million users globally with about 80% African catalog. 

Also, we have consistently ranked as one of the top downloaded mobile apps in Africa and No 1 music and audio app on the Google Play store across the major African countries.  This is supported by accurate and accessible information from mobile applications data services like App Annie and CooTek. Our platform also boasts being the only African music app with more than 50 million installations on Google Play store, and a social media fan base over 1.5 million.

Q: How Boomplay has managed to disrupt employing tech and otherwise.

For example, with regards to piracy which is a constant battle, Boomplay is committed to fighting piracy through our work with the government as well as publishing companies and record labels. In addition, we use services such as MUSO to scour the Internet and take down infringing materials and links. We have also recently launched an ad-supported free music download initiative aimed at acquiring new users and converting them to paid users in the long run. 

In August 2019, we partnered with Linkfire, the smart link aggregator and music marketing platform, to give artists and their teams with the most correct and complete data they need to bring their music to their fans most efficiently and profitably.

These are just to mention but a few and we are not stopping in innovating and disrupting.

Q: How Boomplay has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

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Dele: The pandemic has affected a lot of businesses and commercial activities. We are not immune to this fact. Since we really care about the safety of our staff and everyone around us, we were the first to send staff to work from home as the coronavirus started spreading in Nigeria.

However, during this period, overall daily active users and consumption has increased considerably as many people are home and need music the more this trying times.

Q: How it has reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dele: As the number 1 music streaming service in Africa, Boomplay is committed to keeping its promise of bringing everything music from around the world to music lovers at ease, especially during these tough times, as the world has been sadly gripped by COVID-19. 

We launched two set of campaigns. The first being the #FreeMusicFreeData were we offered users 25 million megabytes of free data so they don’t get bored out of their mind during this era of self-isolation and lockdown.

Next, we launched the #QuaranTalePlaylist challenge so everyone can tell a story about their quarantine experience in a simple playlist – be it a story of hope and encouragement, relationship, food, music, loneliness, sex, daily excitements and struggles and more. This campaign unlocked so many emotions and personal stories which will most likely be remembered forever. (insert video)

As mentioned earlier, we introduced our work from home policy where our employees can work remotely and curated hundreds of playlists to entertain our users while staying at home.

Q: How it sees itself moving forward post-COVID-19

Dele: The pandemic will be over soon and it is our earnest wish. However, as a platform, we are committed to building the most reliable and transparent music ecosystem for artists while creating unique offline experiences to give fans live access to their favourite artists. We intend to keep increasing our user base; this is aimed at providing a more financially rewarding platform for music makers. Also, our drive towards increased corporate social responsibility will see us do more to impact the entertainment industry in Africa, creating one that is better structured and well equipped.

Q: Difficulties in the Nigerian market.

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Dele: The main challenges we face as a streaming company are the still developing technological infrastructure, internet penetration and high data costs. The music industry as a whole still deeply feels the effects of piracy and lack of knowledge amongst artists in terms of copyright and royalties. All the above challenges are also opportunities and gaps in the market which Boomplay is working to fill in, by offering professional services to artists and lobbying to strengthen copyright laws throughout the continent.

Q: Any other information you might want to pass across to our readers

Dele: The music industry has seen a dynamic shift with online streaming and earning. Boomplay is happy to be amongst those who enable artist to earn and expand their reach. One of our plans which we have started to execute is reaching out and investing in younger artist. 

So, if you have a project you are working on and your feel it is worth Boomplays investment be sure to reach out to us. 

Saviour Adugba is a journalist by day and a poet by night. He is fascinated by the internet of things, virtual reality and connecting the dots for brands. Saviour is the Lead, Content Development at

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