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MyGOTV App: Everything you need to know





GOTV is a service offered by Multichoice Limited, owners of DSTV, a satellite television network in Africa. According to GOTV’s official website, “GOtv is a pay television offering on digital terrestrial television (DTT) and is Africa’s first commercial operation using the advanced DVB-T2 digital standard.”

GOTV revolutionised the African Pay-TV market when it was introduced in that it offered the services of satellite television with terrestrial infrastructure, taking into account the peculiarities of the African market.

With its innovative strategies, it was not a surprise therefore, when GOTV was embraced widely in Africa due to its localisation strategy and its affordability.

Homes that could not afford the more expensive DSTV could now afford GOTV with its limited channels albeit more affordable packages.

With GOTV being in many homes in Africa, the company had to devise a customer service strategy that was both easy to access and could be used with minimal input from the company itself.

It was with this thought that the company introduced the MyGOTV App; an innovative app through which customers can manage their accounts.

What is MyGOTV App?


You can do a lot with the MyGOTV App


According to, the Mygotv app is “is an easy and convenient way to MANAGE your GOTV account, FIX ERRORS, PAY online, CHANGE PACKAGES, UPDATE your details all from one place. WITH THE GOTV APP, YOU CAN: Check your balance: View how much you owe or have, pay your bills and always stay connected.”

Techpoint in its own explanation says that  “The MyGOtv self-service application will provide GOtv customers with a simple and easy way to manage their accounts from their mobile devices.”


Pulse Nigeria also agrees when it says that the “The MyGOtv self-service application will provide GOtv customers with a simple and easy way to manage their accounts from their mobile devices.”

What Can You Do With the MyGOTV APP?


According to Mobility Arena, here are some things that you can do with the MyGOTV App:

  • View your subscription packages
  • Clear error codes
  • See how much is due on your account
  • Make a payment
  • Change package
  • Update your details


How to Download the MyGOTV App

You have a number of options available to you when it comes to downloading the app. The first thing you have to consider is if you are downloading from an Android-powered phone or an IOS-enabled phone.


If you are using an Android phone, the easiest way for you to download the MyGOTV App is to simply visit the Google PlayStore and search for “MyGOTV App”.

Alternatively, you can click this link from your Android phone to download the app.



For IOS users, you have to visit the Apple App Store and search for the term “MyGOTV App or alternative click this link from an iPhone to download the MyGOTV App.


Top Reasons Why You Need the MyGOTV App.

While this might sound somewhat like a repetition of “What Can You do With MyGOTV App.”, we thought it important to let you know the kind of edge that you will get by using the MyGOTV App. Below are some of the top reasons why you need the MyGOTV App.


To Vote During Competitions Sponsored by Multichoice: Multichoice, the parent company of GOTV and DSTV sponsor various shows and competitions across Africa. 

More often than not, they allow viewers to vote for their favourite competitors using the MyGOTV App.

So you see, this App might come in more handy than you ever expected.


You Can Cut Out the Middleman: Unfortunately, or fortunately- depending on which angle you choose to see it from, GOTV has grown to become a huge brand in Africa with a big customer base in the countries they operate.
As such, trying to reach customer care officials to resolve issues might be cumbersome due to the sheer amount of people waiting to be served. This is where the MyGOTV App comes in. With its self-service feature, you will be able to resolve most of the errors you encounter without necessarily contacting an agent.


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