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NCC Explains [V]: Why does my data drop significantly while watching Videos?



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In the past week we have featured explanations by the Nigerian Communications Commission, concerning data depletions: the causes and the solutions.

Today, we are looking at videos!

Yes, some telecom subscribers worry that their data drop significantly while watching video.

This is what NCC has to say about this:

Video naturally uses more data. However, if you are downloading, select “medium resolution” to manage your data usage as their sizes are significantly lower than “high definition” videos. Also live streaming video uses more data.

Therefore it is preferable to download the video on your local device and watch afterwards.

Why does my data disappear even when I am not online?

Data consumption can occur on your account with or without your knowledge.

  • With your Knowledge​: Data is consumed when you open web pages, when you browse, while downloading/uploading files, streaming videos or doing any of the other activities mentioned above.
  • ​Without your Knowledge​: Most smartphones are configured to automatically search for, and download software updates, app synching, uploads, updates, etc. Your data is therefore consumed by your phone without your knowledge when there are software upgrades and updates to apps on your device. To stop this from happening, you have to disable automatic updates as demonstrated in Question 11 (above).

Since I migrated to 4G network, my data doesn’t last for long?

4G networks are generally faster than 3G. This increased speed brings about usage of more applications making the data to deplete faster. 4G is configured for fast transfers of heavy amounts of data – OS updates, synching of photos and videos, streaming on high definition all take place much faster than on earlier generation networks.

Also, most of the popular media platforms are designed to provide you with the best user experience, so they would automatically present you with the highest quality videos (HD) once they recognise that you are on a fast connection.


Is it possible that someone is stealing my data?

This could be because your hotspot or Wi-Fi password might have been compromised​.

You should therefore ensure that your password is secure at all times. ​You should also be careful of who has access to your phone since data can be shared or transferred without your knowledge.

Can I Check my Data if I Suspect that something is wrong?

Yes. Most smartphones allow you to check your usage – you can even set a cap as explained in Question 9 (above).

Also, there are some free applications that monitor your usage – these are however approximations and may record significantly different amounts from your actual usage.

​To be continued…

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