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WAEC e-Learning platform for SSCE candidates, teachers: Step in the right direction



Adesina Adewale

BY: Adesina Adewale

  • An excerpt from my MSc Project 2015 and unpublished book.
  • Kudos to WAEC and Sidmach Technologies Nig. Ltd

E-learning is the future of education. This is because it makes learning ubiquitous and versatile. Forget about the challenges or disadvantages, the future of education is right in the hands of e-learning if handled ethically. WAEC eLearning platform for SSCE candidates is a step in the right direction.

Education in Nigeria is in a state of decay and decline at all levels. The perennial poor performance of candidates in the Senior School Certificate Examination by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), National Examinations Council (NECO) and Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is a clear indication of this decline. This has been of continuous concern to everyone especially the ministry of education.

The situation has been brought about by the following problems among others:

  1. Inadequate resources to meet demand
  2. Exponential growth in population
  3. Lack of good teachers
  4. Limited training facilities including schools, classrooms, textbooks
  5. Poor attitude of students and teachers.

E-learning seems to be an urgent need in Nigeria to reverse these problems because of covid-19. Well, it is still a stitch in time and I’m optimistic that it will surpass and compliment traditional methods so that we can have a blended learning environment. E-learning seems expensive at the short-run but more cost-effective solution in the long-run.

I tell you the truth even digitally divided students will go for it. It’s no longer going to be if education is expensive, try ignorance; however, the paradigm will change to “if e-learning is expensive, try ignorance.

Let’s take the problems one on one and see the solutions of e-learning.

Inadequate resources to meet demand:

Human and infrastructural resources in Nigeria cannot meet students’ demand. E-learning will solve this problem. WAEC eLearning platform for SSCE candidate is a step in the right direction.

Exponential growth in population:

As Nigeria’s population grew exponentially, so students population did. Covid-19 only helped us to see the relevance of e-learning and students population explosion in Nigeria. Then, we started fidgeting! WAEC eLearning platform for SSCE candidate is a step in the right direction.

Lack of good teachers:

E-learning can expose incompetent teachers. UNESCO encourages all to incorporate digital literacy. Any teacher who is not up and doing in the traditional teaching methods will definitely have same problem with e-learning.

Teachers who aspire for themselves and their students will be inspired by e-learning. WAEC eLearning platform for SSCE candidates and their teachers is a step in the right direction.

Limited training facilities including schools, classrooms, textbooks:

E-learning like I earlier said is an ubiquitous and versatile learning platform. E-learning is school inside desktop computer, laptop computer, smart phones, tablets, i-Pads, etc. Effective E-learning can do homeschooling efficiently.

How many textbooks can the press print to cover all students? WAEC eLearning platform for SSCE candidate is a step in the right direction.

Poor attitude of students and teachers:

Many teachers are not equipped with the right teaching resources as many students are not equipped with the right learning resources. This is the reason for poor attitude on the part of teachers and students. E-learning can bring back reading culture if followed ethically. From my MSc research in e-learning, I discovered that e-learners and also blended-learners do better than students who adopt only traditional learning methods even in WAEC and JAMB exams. WAEC eLearning platform for SSCE candidates and their teachers is a step in the right direction.


At this point, I say kudos to WAEC AND Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Ltd., for a job well done in this area with regards the e-learning platform for students and their teachers.

The website has all subjects and Chief Examiner’s Report for the past ten (10) years.

All students preparing for the 2020 Senior Secondary School Examination ,SSCE should visit the site and prepare for the examination using the available resources.

It has past questions and other guides which candidates should use especially during this lockdown window.

Waec e-learning

Adesina Adewale is an advocate for quality education in Nigeria


  • MSc Project September 2015

Design and Implementation of a continuous assessment and E-learning Portal by Adesina Adewale. Supervised by Dr. Sikiru A. Amoo, Lagos State University (LASU).

*Adesina Adewale, MNCS, MCPN, MITSSP is a member, Education Committee, Nigeria Computer Society. He is also the convener of SchoolComputer Club Initiative.



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