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ATCON Conversation: Telcos need ‘Edge Technology’ to deliver QoS , says Nnamani



Ikechukwu Nnamani
Engr. Ikechukwu Nnamani
The President and CEO, Medallion Communications Limited, Engineer Ikechukwu Nnamani has made a case for the deployment of Telco Edge Computing (technology) by network providers.

Engr. Nnamani said that lack of such infrastructure is contributory to the poor Quality of Service witnessed by subscribers.

The Medallion Boss made the observations in his contributions during a Virtual Conversation organised by the Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), on Thursday, under the theme: ‘Socio-Economic and Political Impact of COVID19 on Telecom and ICT sector in Nigeria’ monitored by

Telco edge (computing), according to stlpartners, refers to distributed compute, managed by the telco operator, which may extend beyond the network edge and onto the customer edge.

In other words, subscribers can run low latency applications as well as cache or process data close to the data source to reduce backhaul traffic volumes and costs.

In the other hand, Edge Computing is the physical compute infrastructure that is positioned on the spectrum between the device and the hyperscale cloud, supporting various applications.

The beauty of Edge Computing is that it brings processing capabilities closer to the end user/device/source of data which eliminates the journey to the cloud data centre and reduces latency.

This is what Engr. Nnamani said ‘s the future of telecom network during the ATCON conversation.

He opined that the industry must take cognizance of the edge technology to measure traffic and other indices that will assist to improve on the Quality of Service (QoS) among end-users. reports from Engr. Nnamani’s presentation thus:

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“I am noticing a big disconnect, which the industry must be mindful of. If not a lot of the efforts we are putting in now, whether it is the broadband plan or investments we will not see the results and we will be shocked about why we’ve not seen the results even after the implementation.
“This has to do with the ‘calling patterns’, ‘the traffic pattern’; what people are doing with Telecom and ICT services globally and now Nigeria. The core of the matter is this: As we work on all this we need to design the networks. Our networks today are not properly designed for the future. And if we continue building on it the way it is we are going to run into problems down the line.

“Globally, the Edge is now the future telecom. The infrastructures are being deployed and implemented in the Edge. For better quality or service, better content delivery, you want to be as close enough to end-users as possible. What I am noticing is: a lot of effort is still not been put towards building Edge Infrastructure.

“Whether we like it or not, that is what’s going to drive the economy. Of course, most of us will agree that about 80% (if not more than that) traffic from the Nigeria’s exchange point is being exchanged from Medallion’s data centre in Lagos. But, that is not the reality of the country.

“The reality is that, probably, more than 80% of the content resides outside of Lagos. So, there is a big disconnect between the way the network infrastructures are distributed across the country and this will continue to impact our quality of service and content delivery to the subscribers.

“We should be able to build the networks to be able to deliver quality content out to the end-users as much as possible. That is very key. If we don’t get that right, we can do all the stuff we are doing and will still keep asking ourselves why is quality or service still poor? Because the networks are not properly designed; services are not being delivered the right way”.

The Medallion’ President and CEO also made case for the establishment of an ICT Development Bank, to meet up with the investment sum as required in the industry.

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