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Broadband Conversation: Is Africa ready for a digital economy?



Digital Economy
#BroadbandConversation by #StartupSouth

Africa’s Digital Economy is projected to grow to US$300 Billion  by 2025. This is roughly US$80 Billion less than 2020 projected GDP of South-Africa – continent’s second largest economy. Experts believe that a significant improvement in Broadband penetration would likely double this.

What can the various national and sub-national Governments do to deliver a more inclusive and better than projected growth?  What are the noticeable trends, challenges and opportunities?

The Broadband Conversation is leveraging the consciousness created by #COVID-19 on the importance of the internet to advocate the need for urgency (by public and private officials) in removing bottlenecks limiting the spread of reliable internet on the continent.

It’s a series of webinars addressing different issues in a view to compile the outcome into a report for extensive distribution..

The first session discussed broadband Infrastructure with a panel of experts from across the globe (Please see a recording HERE.

The next session will discuss Opportunities in Africa’s Emerging Digital Economy. It will hold on Friday June 12, 2020 at 1PM (W.A.T) featuring an all female professional Panel led by Adia Sowho – VP of Growth, Migo & former Director, Digital Business at Etisalat, Nigeria.

Panelists will extend the conversation on the role of broadband in economic/development, highlight trends, opportunities, challenges and explore solutions for a prosperous digital Africa. The session will be streamed live on facebook, youtube and Twitter.

Digital Economy

#BroadbandConversation by #StartupSouth

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About Lead Organisers – #StartupSouth

#StartupSouth believes in the power of entrepreneurship for development.  #StartupSouth is a Startup/Entrepreneurship ecosystem development project connecting innovators to funding, business education and global network.

The goal is to inspire a generation of young founders to build innovative and scalable businesses starting from the South-South/South-East, Nigeria.

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