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ENYE is now accepting applications into its software engineering cohort 4



Enye Tech

Enye Inc. has started receiving applications for the 4th cohort program of its Software Engineering program.

Enye is a tech non-profit dedicated to helping African developers grow by empowering them to become innovators, creators, and mentors.

Here’s what you can expect if you get picked for ENYE’s 4th software engineering cohort:

  1. Two-month intensive program
  2. Full scholarship for accepted candidates
  3. Mentorship and access to Enye ecosystem

According to Enye, you can expect to “…undergo training that cuts across full-stack development, server-less architecture, Agile Methodologies, distributed teams, testing, idea sharing, and conditioning programs.”

As has become the tradition at Enye, the organisation will also connect its 4th Cohort graduating students with paid internship positions available at renowned organisations at home and Abroad.

In a recent move, Enye partnered with Founder Institute, an idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program to provide more value for its student-engineers. The new partnership will afford Enye the ability to provide students from its 4th Cohort forward with a Frontiers Technology Fellowship.

Speaking on the 4th Cohort opportunity, Enye’s CEO Uche Nnadi told that, “With our 4th cohort, we are doubly focusing on our mission to empower the Nigerian tech ecosystem.

“We have already found great success in up-skilling engineers, but now we additionally want to build out the big ideas of local founders.”

Continuing, Nnadi said, “The goal is simple, provide a platform where founders can get their ideas built and engineers can easily get access to employment opportunities in the next big Nigerian startup.”

How to Apply:


You can apply for the 4th cohort of the Enye Software Engineering Program by visiting this page.

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