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Nigeria Computer Society seeks research and innovation funding to fight Covid-19



Nigeria Computer Society
Prof. Sodiya
  • introduces Innovation Development Fund (NIDF)

Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), the umbrella body for all Information Technology practitioners and interest groups, has expressed concerns with the current world ratings of Nigeria Information Technology (IT).

While appreciating the efforts of government and other stakeholders of the progress Nigeria has made in promoting and supporting IT development, NCS said they have noticed a lot still need to be done hence they are seeking for research and innovation funding to tackle some of these challenges.

Nigeria Computer Society NCS

Nigeria Computer Society NCS National Secretariat, Alausa, Lagos State – Nigeria 

NCS has been championing IT development for over forty years now, even before the existence of other related bodies/associations.

According to the President of NCS, Prof. Adesina S. Sodiya, currently with over twenty thousand highly-skillful and committed members in both private and public sectors, NCS remains at the center console of IT development in Nigeria.

“The position of Nigeria in various world rankings in ICT development, digital readiness and broadband penetration is still not acceptable to Nigeria Computer Society.  In other specific emerging technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, Internet of things implementation and general digital smartness, it is obvious we still need to make significant progress. Certainly, we need to improve IT development capacities and capabilities in other to scale up with technological giants countries like Singapore, USA, China, Japan, UK South Korea and so on.

“It is obvious that the key ingredients to leapfrog IT development in this country are research and innovations.  Recently, the NCS constituted a committee to assess the impact of the adoption of 5G technology on the nation. The committee recommended the need for rigorous and extensive research on 5G technology and its adoption”, Prof. Sodiya in a statement made available to

He said that NCS introduced Innovation Development Fund (NIDF) to provide necessary supports for developmental research and innovations in Information Technology. Specific thematic areas to consider are: Connectivity (5G Network); Virtual Reality and Environment; System Automation and Design; Digital Economy; Robotics; Artificial Intelligence; Cybersecurity; Internet of Things and Smart City; e-Health and e-Agriculture; Software defined everything and others

The Innovation Fund has further been extended to provide solutions, tools and technology to fight the global Covid-19 pandemic. Innovation proposals will be accepted in the following Covid-19 management areas:- Contact tracing; Vaccine development; Diagnostic tools; Enforcing social distancing; Misinformation about COVID-19 pandemic; Decision support systems; Enforcing wearing of mask; Tracking of the COVID-19 pandemic; Treatment monitoring; Projection of cases and mortalities; Drugs development; Heavy workload of healthcare workers; Awareness and social control; Growth and trend; Predicting next pandemic and other problem directly related to COVID-19 pandemic.

The President said that NCS Innovation Development Fund (NIDF) is to support individuals in private or public organization willing to conduct developmental research and innovations in Information Technology.

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“NIDF was instituted in other to advance technological development in our nation. Startups and young innovators are to benefit significantly from this fund.

“Consequently, NCS thereby seeks for the collaboration and supports of both private and public individuals and organizations. Further information can be found at

“We indeed need concerted effort of all for effective realization of the digital transformation agenda of the government and fight Covid-19 in our country”, he explained in the statement at the disposal of

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