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Nigeria needs deliberate policy to skill-up girl child



Enyo Retail and STEM Cafe program for kids
Students of Wesley Girls Secondary School, Sabo, Yaba
United Kingdom (UK)-based parliamentary aide and development actor, Abimbola Junaid, has said that Nigeria needs deliberate policy to skill-up the girl-child in a digital era.

Junaid made this known at the second edition of Digital Rights webinar series hosted by ITREALMS in collaboration with DigitalSENSE Africa, Domain Name System ([DNS] Women – Nigeria) and NaijaAgroNet, on the theme: ‘Women and Rights in Digital Era.’

She noted that despite the gains made so far with digital era and women having more voices, there are some lamentable aspects that should be addressed promptly.

Junaid cited an instance with the often having women celebrities facing threats of exposing their nude photos on the Internet at this digital age in the name of blackmail, wondering if opposite sex ever post their nude pictures too.

“So I’m a woman. I then use the technology and now digitalized, but I didn’t have my freedom to do what I want to do because someone would post on the internet,” she decried.

Junaid maintained that the law of every land must tend to protect every citizen and human beings within her domain.

She urged Nigerians to be alive to their fundamental responsibility by tasking the government and law makers to come out with requisite laws and policies to boost the girl-child ingenuity, accomplishment, prowess, art, intelligence, expertise, among others.

“Every law and every policy made actually cost you so much money to get there. The number of advocacy, the number of lobbying, etc,” she said.


Abimbola Junaid @ITREALMS

Those laws, Junaid pointed out, cost money, stressing that if a law has been passed and it is not working for the population, “that’s is taxpayer’s money down the drain.”

Emphasising that if anyone, especially women are limited by laws of the land and cultures, and beliefs about who one is as a woman, first from the home, then its limiting for a woman to engage on the path.

“But what the law can do is to leverage it. If the law enables the woman, every other person would obey the law and follow the law,” she declared.

In addition, she said, the rights of women really lies with the law, stressing that as a civil society actor, her advocacy will continuously be that “we must hold the law accountable for the rights of the women and must show that we are training everybody, not just the men, because we need to change the mindset of the men and everything else.”

Maintaining that Nigeria inevitably require deliberate policy to skill-up girl child with CSO movement by following through such policies from commencement to implementation.


Meet nine Nigerians named in global list of people helping World battle COVID-19



Neusroom 100 project on COVID-19

At a time when a few Nigerians are gaining notoriety for involving themselves in some ignoble acts around the world, another set of people from the country are being honoured for their contribution to the fight against COVID-19.

The outbreak of Coronavirus saw an outpouring of generosity and earnest desire to help others around the world and Nigerians were not left out in the gesture.

While some contributed money and material resources to help the government tackle the rising cases of COVID-19, others were at the forefront of the pandemic offering their expertise and helping people navigate the devastating situation.

Source: Neusroom 100 Project

Source: Neusroom 100 Project

In recognition of these sacrifices, the recently released Neusroom 100 which highlighted 100 people, organizations, countries, and things helping the world conquer COVID-19, featured nine Nigerians among the 40 individuals that were honoured in the list.

Among the list was the late founder of Elizabeth R events, Ibidunni Ighodalo; Africa’s richest person and chairman of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote; the governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu; the chairman of BUA Group, Abdul-Samad Rabiu; the Director-General of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu; and social entrepreneur and founder of LifeBank, Temie Giwa-Tubosun.

Others include the chairman of UBA Group and founder of Heirs Holding, Tony O. Elumelu; the founder and chairman of Globacom, Mike Adenuga; and the founder of the first air ambulance service in West Africa — Flying Doctors Nigeria, Dr. Ola Orekunrin-Brown.

Source: Neusroom 100 Project

Source: Neusroom 100 Project

These individuals played important roles, alongside many others in ensuring that Africa’s most populous country does not slip into a devastating COVID-19 outbreak. Through their donations, expertise, and leadership, the spread of the Coronavirus in this part of the world was reduced to the barest minimum.

According to ID Africa CEO, Femi Falodun, the Neusroom 100 project was created as “a celebration of hope, and an acknowledgement of humanity’s collective will to survive.”


Source: Neusroom 100 Project

He added that it “highlights the sacrifices and contributions of women, men, organizations, nations and even things – products of humanity’s creativity that are helping the world win in this long fight against COVID-19.”

The list also recognized some organizations in Nigeria, including the NCDC, MTN, MultiChoice, UBA, Reckitt Benckiser, CACOVID, and GTBank.

The pandemic which caught the world unawares persists to date. At the beginning of the year when it all began, nobody knew it was going to subdue or change the world as we know it. But in just a few months, almost all parts of the world have been affected, sparking a global lockdown. To arrest the situation, social and business activities were restricted, schools were shut down, international flights were suspended and many people have been thrown into despair and economic hardship.


Source: Neusroom 100 Project

Halfway into the year, the momentum of the deadly pandemic is slowly coming under control, and it’s all thanks to those who have been working hard, day and night, pouring in their resources and expertise to make things better.

Among them are these Nigerians who were honoured for various contributions.

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Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria inducts 550 members



CPN President, Prof. Charles Uwadia

The Council that is statutory mandated to regulate Information Technology practice in Nigeria – Computer Professionals (Registration Council) of Nigeria (“CPN”), has inducted five hundred and fifty (550) new members.

Leadership of the Council welcomed the new inductees during the virtual Information Technology (IT) Assembly 2020.

CPN was established by Act No 49 of 1993. The Act was passed into law on the 10th of June and gazetted on the 9th of August same year. It is a regulatory body charged with the regulation, control and supervision of the computing profession and practice in Nigeria in line with Section 1 (2) of the Act; it is under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Education.

In his remarks during the virtual induction on Thursday, July 09, 2020, the President and Chairman-in-Council of CPN, Professor Charles Uwadia, congratulated for the successful admission into the Information Technology profession; “the only profession in the world that has impact on all other professions”.

The new inductees include:

  • 410 Full members;
  • 96 Associate members and
  • 44 Affiliate members

The President said that as new inductees into the profession, the legitimization of their professional practice in Information Technology starts today.

Prof. Uwadia who said that the task ahead of the profession now is enormous, charged them make good use of the opportunity by channeling their energy and talents on positive things that would be of benefit to the various organizations they represent and the nation at large.

“…you are all expected to make your contribution towards taking the profession to loftier heights. This is because the growth of the profession will impact positively on the nation and the vision of the Federal Government as encapsulated in the Change Agenda of the Federal Government.

“Given that you are new entrants into the flourishing world of Information Technology (IT), I do not want to take anything for granted regarding your knowledge of the profession.

He reiterated that the Council will continue to should work in line with the functions and responsibilities of CPN, which are not limited to determine the standards of knowledge and skills to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the computing profession and improve those standards from time to time as circumstances may permit.

And, “To secure, in accordance with the provision of the Act, the establishment and maintenance of a register of persons seeking to be registered under the Act to practice the computing profession and the publication from time to time of the list of such persons”.

Emphasis om ethical conducts:

“Act 49 of 1993, earlier referred to, makes it mandatory for all persons and organizations seeking to engage, or already engaged, in the sale and/or use of computing facilities, and in the provision of professional services in computing or related computing machinery in Nigeria, to be registered by the Council and licensed to carry out such activities”, Prof. Uwadia said.

The Act makes it illegal to engage in computing and professional practice without satisfying the aforementioned condition-that is, registration and possession of a current valid license.

He said that the Council places high premium on ethical conduct of the professionals.

“We are conscious of the impact that the use of computational machinery and related techniques have on the public, employers, clients and the professionals.

“This is what informed the introduction of Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The document details the standards of conduct that are expected from professionals in the Information Technology industry, similar to what obtains in other professions.

“While Council will protect you in matters that infringe on your rights as members of this noble profession, I want to urge you all to play your role by conducting yourselves in the most ethical manner befitting of a professional in your daily activities.

Fight against quackery:

“Let me inform you that one of the greatest challenges facing our profession is quackery.

“By the nature of the profession, which makes it possible for a lot of people to use IT tools in their day to day activities, some people are claiming to be what they are not. Also, those who are not qualified to execute IT jobs are the ones getting it.

“This is quite absurd and unacceptable to us. Therefore, as professionals, you need to join forces with us in fighting the scourge.


In his induction lecture, the Director, Aflon Digital Institute, Abuja, Dr. Akin Fapohunda, charged the inductees on the need to redefine IT practice in Nigeria by being productive, especially in solving every day challenges faced by the nation.


Dr. Akin Fapohunda advised the new inductees to go for new digital and technological skills

He said that as IT professionals, the new inductees should view themselves as change agents who must designs better ways of solving the perennial problems such as electricity, e-learning, while embracing new knowledge such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, data science, amongst others.

“Entrepreneurship is the pathway for creating impact professionally,” Dr. Fapohunda told the inductees.

Continuing Professional Development:

Also speaking, the Chairman, Registration, Regulation & Control (RR & C) Committee, Prof Adesina Sodiya, said the Council designed a professional development programme that will enable the members to grow professionally and keep abreast of new developments in the profession.

“The Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Programme (MCPD)”, he said “was conceived as a means of re-training and updating members’ skills and knowledge about the latest developments in the industry.

“The programme is meant for all grades of members and credits will be given for attendance which will be one of the conditions for the annual renewal of practicing license as well as upward mobility of members across the membership cadres.


Prof Adesina Sodiya, speaking during the induction ceremony

“The MCPD is a common feature of all professional and regulatory bodies on the re-training of their registered members. Professional bodies like ICAN, CIBN etc all have various versions of the MCPD. Therefore, I will like you to take advantage of the programme to enhance your professional development”.

Prof. Sodiya said they are conscious of the impact of the use of computational machinery and techniques related thereto on the public, employers of labor, clients and the professionals who have made substantial investment in Information Technology.

“This is what informed the introduction of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that detailed the standards of conduct that is expected from professionals in the IT industry as exists in older profession like Law, Medicine, Architecture and Pharmacy etc. You have all appended your signature to the Letter of Commitment that goes with the document.

“What this means is that high standard of good and ethical conduct that will portray you as good ambassadors of the profession is what is expected from you”.

As provided in the Act that established CPN, the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is enforceable and the continued membership of the profession depends on strict adherence to it, while not being member of the profession implies forbiddance from practicing the profession in the country.


Dr. Akin Fapohunda urged the inductees to defend the profession ethically

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Comviva rated as Tier 1 SMS Firewall Vendor ROCCO Performance Report 2020



Comviva logo

Comviva, a global leader in mobility solutions has been named as Tier 1 SMS Firewall Vendor in the recent ROCCO SMS Firewall Performance Report, basis an annual survey of 131 MNOs across 92 countries taking part in this unique consumer-led research.

Comviva and Rocco - trends in SMS Firewall

Comviva and Rocco – trends in SMS Firewall

The report reflects how SMS Firewall providers are perceived by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) across performance criteria, which are fundamental to the delivery of SMS Firewall service. Comviva received an overall rating of 4.02 out of 5.

Comviva has been listed amongst the top five ranked vendors (out of the 18 vendors), based on various performance criteria, like reliability, customer service, technical expertise, reputation, value for money, value-added services, quality of service, transparency and flexibility.

Comviva and RoCCo the challenges

Comviva and RoCCo the challenges

ROCCO has been called the Michelin of the telecoms industry in that it facilitates the rating of Vendors to understand the quality of vendors and the market leaders.

However, ROCCO does not judge the Vendors directly but facilitates MNOs in rating them and giving opinions across the wider Vendor base, creating a community for information and advice exchange on specific important Vendor decisions.

Comviva and ROCCO, the performance

Comviva’s Messaging Firewall is a comprehensive network and content-based security solution. It enables operators to effectively monetize their application-to-person (A2P) traffic and safeguard subscribers against the misuse of mobile.

The Messaging Firewall also safeguards against spam and fraud, arrests revenue leakage, and reduces operational effort for telecom providers.

In addition to providing the platform, Comviva also offers capabilities pertaining to business consulting and operations. This is designed to ensure that the platform is operated, configured, and updated with global intelligence at all times.

Comviva and Rocco

Comviva and Rocco

The Chief Operating Officer, Messaging Solutions at Comviva, Deshbandhu Bansal, said, “We are thrilled to be listed as Tier one vendor in this SMS Annual Firewall benchmarking Survey, which is the only messaging focused report in the world. We are proud that our messaging solutions today cater to over 1 billion subscribers across geographies. This is a great testimony for our messaging offerings as our MNO customers have rated us high for our strong performance and leadership across all parameters.”

Also, Founder and Chairman of the Rocco Group, Jason Bryan, said, “Investing in Vendors always takes a great effort, MNOs need to make RFP, RFQ and selection processes which take time and energy away from monetisation of SMS. This report aims to offer advice from other MNOs which might help MNOs not yet decided on which Vendor to choose. Congratulations to Comviva for being one of the most admired vendors in this space.”

Comviva was also featured as a key vendor in ROCCO A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report 2019.

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