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Crowdyvest Holdings changes to EMFATO Holdings: Here is the transition story



CrowdyVest Holdings to EMFATO Holdings

Crowdyvest Holdings an investment company based in Lagos, established to build technology solutions that meet the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development goals in different sectors will begin operating under a new name and will be known as ‘EMFATO Holdings’, effective immediately.

In 2019, Onyeka Akumah along with his co-founders identified various opportunities in different high-impact industries using technology to create solutions for Nigerians with the potential to scale across Africa.

Crowdyvest Holdings was then launched to foster a broader avenue for economic growth and build a system that will span across Nigeria and the rest of Africa. understands that CVH has since launched or invested in 2 portfolio companies, Crowdyvest – a fintech startup focused on financing impact-driven opportunities, and Plentywaka– a trans-tech startup focused on changing the way people get around in Nigeria’s major cities starting with buses.

Both startups joined Farmcrowdy which was the first portfolio company of CVH and formerly led by Kenneth Obiajulu.

In June 2020, it was learned that Kenneth Obiajulu reached a mutual agreement to leave Farmcrowdy while it’s founder, Onyeka Akumah, has now returned as Chief Executive Officer to lead Farmcrowdy into the next chapter of its growth.

So, what will EMFATO Holdings focus on?

Information available to us indicate that EMFATO Holdings formerly Crowdyvest Holdings will now be focused on providing the necessary support for its’ portfolio businesses while identifying new businesses that will build tech solutions to power collaborative developments within Nigeria, Africa, and the world.

But, mind you, the change of name will not affect the affairs of the company as well as its portfolio companies.

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What it means is that each of the portfolio companies under EMFATO Holdings has applied innovative thinking to impact the lives of individuals across the globe.

This portfolio of businesses are now focused on Fintech, Transtech and Agtech including:


Crowdyvest team celebrating World Women’s Day 2020

Crowdyvest is the leading crowdfunding startup in Nigeria using a fintech model to connect over 85,000 active users and 7,000 active sponsors with impact-driven opportunities in partnership with other technology companies.

The startup led by its Co-Founder and Managing Director – Tope Omotolani along with 12 team members, recently launched a new website and mobile app with features such as an e-wallet for sponsors, pooled sponsorship as well as a revamp of the project sponsorship experience.


Plentywaka team celebrating 100,000 rides in March 2020

Plentywaka is the first bus-hailing company in Nigeria that reached 100,000 riders in 6 months of launch.

The startup is currently led by its Co-Founder & Managing Director – Ena Johnny and a team of 26.

The startup recently launched a logistics arm and has over 38,000 active users completing an average of 1,400 rides daily after the COVID lockdown.


Farmcrowdy team at its mid-year conference in June 2019

What about Farmcrowdy?

You need to understand that Farmcrowdy is the first portfolio company from EMFATO Holdings and the agtech startup is now led by Onyeka Akumah with a team of 45 focused on using technology to boost the food value chain.

Today, Farmcrowdy has moved away from its original model of crowdfunding for agriculture to grow into the business of using technology for Agriculture with a farmers network of 116,000 individuals across 16 states in Nigeria.

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Farmcrowdy services now include Farmcrowdy Structured Finance, Farmcrowdy Aggregation (with 101 centers nationwide), Farmcrowdy Foods (with Bestfoods and Meathub), Farmcrowdy Insurance, Farmcrowdy Marketing Services, and Farmcrowdy Tech & Data.

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