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Facebook records over 350 million clicks on education pop-ups, launches new ‘facts about COVID-19’



Facebook on COVID19
Facebook on COVID19

BY: Chisom Ada

  • Expands face cover reminders to Nigeria

Having connected over two billion people to resources from health authorities through its COVID-19 Information Centre, and seeing over 350 million people click through on its education pop-ups on Facebook and Instagram, Facebook announces it has begun rolling out further updates as part of its work to keep people safe and informed about COVID-19, including here in Nigeria:

Facts About COVID-19 

To further limit the spread of misinformation, this week Facebook is launching a dedicated section on the COVID-19 Information Centre called ‘Facts about COVID-19’.

Debunking common myths that have been identified by the World Health Organization such as drinking bleach will prevent the coronavirus, or that taking hydroxychloroquine can prevent COVID-19, this is the latest step as part of its work in fighting misinformation about the pandemic. 

Wear face coverings reminders

Already running at the top of Facebook and Instagram in the US since early July, starting this week ‘Wear Face Coverings’ will expand to Nigeria, the first country in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Facebook on COVID19

Facebook on COVID19

With the rise in cases around many parts of the world, including in Nigeria, these alerts will remind people to wear face coverings as recommended by global health authorities. 

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