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Fahim Saleh: Gokada CEO gruesomely murdered in his New York apartment



Falim Saleh

Gokada CEO Fahim Saleh has been found dead in his New York residence Techeconomy can authoritatively report. 

The New York Daily News reports that authorities in New York have ruled the Mr Fahim’s death as a murder.

According to the news website, detectives went up to Saleh’s apartment after his sister called 911 upon discovering his murder. According to his sister, she had gone to the house to check on her brother after not seeing him for days.

Saleh’s headless torso was found next to an electric saw in his Condo situated in Manhattan, New York.

Friends close to Saleh have described him as an ambitious man who always had a smile on his face.

In Nigeria, Saleh is best known as the founder of Gokada, a bike-hailing startup that help revolutionised the transportation industry in the commercial capital of West Africa.

Even when the Lagos State government placed a ban on motorcycles in the city, Saleh was one of the first CEOs to adapt quickly, moving his company from a bike-hailing service to a delivery service provider.

In a statement on Twitter, Gokada wrote “We are deeply saddened to inform you about the sudden and tragic loss of our founder and CEO, Fahim Saleh. Fahim was a great leader, inspiration and positive light for all of us.

Our hearts go out to his friends, family and all those feeling the pain and heartbreak we are currently experiencing, here at Gokada.

Fahim’s vision and belief in us will be with us forever, and we will miss him dearly. Thank you for understanding as we get through this.

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All updates and changes will be communicated with you, as it unfolds. Forever in our hearts.”

Fahim Saleh was just 33 when he died.

Saviour Adugba is a journalist by day and a poet by night. He is fascinated by the internet of things, virtual reality and connecting the dots for brands. Saviour is the Lead, Content Development at

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