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Fidarr to revolutionize faith-based entertainment; launches new app




A new startup, Fidarr has launched in Nigeria a web app to support faith-based Christain creatives with a dedicated music streaming service targeted to the Christian community.

The web app, launched in December 2019 with a beta version has since gained over 11, 000 users with over 34, 000 page views according to Google Analytics.

The new Fidarr Web version, a Spotify style web-based app allows users to stream music, create a playlist, and add music out of Fidarr’s music catalogue into their personal music library on their user account to create an experience of having a list choice of music to listen to.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Enyo Sam said that the service plans to revolutionize, reduce copyright infringement and illegal music use in the Christain entertainment industry, in a case where royalties will be paid to content creators and artists on Fidarr, allowing them to make money off their creative works and build them sustainable career pathways.

Our mission at Fidarr is to harness the creative potentials of a million Artists and Content Creators by allowing them to show their creative skills and billions of fans from the Christian population and the world at large get a chance to be inspired and entertained by their creations, the CEO said.

Fidarr CEO, Enyo Sam.

What’s Next?

Fidarr Partners Limited, the parent company to Fidarr, will be working on a mobile app that will see the fusion of an Artificial Intelligence-powered music streaming and video community service in one single application that will be launched before mid-2021.

Fidarr was launched with the goal of becoming unarguably, the first-ever Christian music streaming and video community service in the world serving the underserved Christian population. 

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The vision of Fidarr is that they visualize a contemporary platform where professional Artists and Content Creators can be limitless and provide everyone with a fascinating experience that will still uphold their personal tenets and reduce apathy.

The company sees it’s competitors to be Spotify and TikTok at the international level while Boomplay at the local level (Africa). But remains confident that with the uniqueness of the product offering the features of music streaming and video community in one application and providing a system that will empower artists and video content creators from the Christian population will give a competitive advantage over its competitors.

How to Use Fidarr Web App

The app’s web view
  1. Log on to
  2. Sign up/Register a user account by clicking Register on the PC version or Account Button on the mobile version
  3. Enter your information and click Create Account
  4. You will be automatically redirected to the home page.
  5. You are now a Fidarr user! (Now you can stream music, create a playlist, and add music out of Fidarr’s music catalogue into their personal music library on your user account to have a list choice of music to listen to)

For Artists

If you are an artist, it’s early to go live on Fidarr. You can visit the Fidarr Artists Portal to get your songs on Fidarr’s music library here

Saviour Adugba is a journalist by day and a poet by night. He is fascinated by the internet of things, virtual reality and connecting the dots for brands. Saviour is the Lead, Content Development at

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