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How Kade Keyo is breaking down the basics of running a business, offering supports where needed



Kade Keyo
Kade Keyo founder, Tanho Attah

Early 2018, Kade Keyo introduced a singular product called ‘Community’ which embodied the composition of various solution modules.

Since then, they have evolved to repackage each product module to the specific demographic with the problems they aim for the solutions to solve., approached the Founder, Mr. Tanho Attah at their Surulere office in Lagos; he went down memory lane on how the team projected to the future. Even with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, Kade Keyo is still impacting businesses.

Kade Keyo

Tanho Attah of Kade Keyo, setting the agenda

According to him, Kade Keyo remains focused on the broad vision which is “to allow people to see our solutions and plug into the opportunities that they create, giving them more freedom to enjoy life and its little pleasures…”

One brand at a time, KADE KEYO intends to create businesses that serve clients with top quality and train the employees with the utmost respect for the customer needs.

How do they intend to achieve these?

Kade Keyo has business modules that are uniquely designed to offer support to clients. Some of these models are:

Business Services: This entails a simple business consulting, redesign and management service, accessible to all business owners, current and intending, who require professional help in running a sustainable business.

Partnerships: A service that allows individuals to directly partner with us on our operations which include features like Affiliate partnership, Financial partnership, Equity partnership and Venture partnership options.

Kade Keyo logo

Kade Keyo logo

Projects: “With our projects, people can participate in projects we embark on which cover a variety of focuses, as well as engage us to help them activate their own. One of such project is the success story of the “After the Dream” concert, held at the MUSON centre in February, 2015 for a client called Rantique productions, who at the time were looking to produce a concert for the ‘Iwe Kiko’ cross-over opera singer, Ranti”, said Mr. Attah.

Kade Keyo’s plug and play products:

In continuing the progress, Kade Keyo have introduced plug and play products that our clients can engage with on a very simple access process.

Some of them are:

Sales Active:

A simply designed sales solution platform that allows any business owner to rapidly increase sales using our sales network.

This platform also provides opportunities for people to earn extra income by becoming Sales Agents.

Grow Fund:

This financial partnership product allows people to become a part of our success as a company, being able to acquire Grow Fund units at an available listed price and earn real yields from their partnership, month on month leading up to a capitalizing growth value at the end of its tenure cycle.

Grow Fund

Grow Fund

Pitch Deck:

This program allows any business owner to present a pitch to prospective investors and access real-time funding and/or partnerships from interested investors who could be both professional investors or private individuals.

Business Fit:

Business Fit creates a regular business class in an informal setting, breaking down the basics of running a business successfully, earning profit and maximizing opportunities. The goal of the business fit program is to enable more business owners find success in operating their various businesses.

When asked about Kade Keyo’s vision 2020 and beyond, Mr. Attah said:

“Due to recent activities, we have evolved a large portion of our operations to a fully remote work model, allowing our employees to work remotely, in conditions favourable to their daily work needs and personal lives. As such, a large part of our company operates digitally.

“In order to serve our clients more efficiently, we would be creating a series of KADE KEYO solution centres, which will act as a direct interface between the company and our clients.

The solution centres will work as a simple access menu list where clients can walk-in, both digitally and physically, and request the solutions that have been best tailored to fit their needs. The first solution centre is already live and active and can be found online at @sckadekeyo or [email protected], but will be officially announced on August 1, 2020, with a few more centres to follow shortly after”.

Kade Keyo

…eyes on the next target

Beyond, Kayo Kade  intends to do this, one brand at a time, and have focused their recent investment efforts on two industries: Agriculture and Technology.

“With this, we have invested in setting up 2 ventures with a few more to follow before the end of this year, while opening one of them to private partnership for interested parties.

“They are as follows: TBX Farms: A fully functional citrus farm, focused on cultivating, processing and trading citrus crops. Investments can be bought in at 180,000 ngn per 1%, which we will soon close as we are running out of available units up for sale

“Our second target venture, is an aggregate venture between agriculture and technology, with an investment in multiple millions, primarily funded by Kade Keyo and our private partners. Updates on this venture will be announced when we are ready to go public”.

In all, Kade Keyo is highly focused on value addition to businesses. You can take these opportunities too to rave-up your services.

Kade Keyo can be reached via: [email protected] or call 08120398309.