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Huawei predicts newly generated data in SA will reach 9 zettabyte by 2025



Huawei at South African Digital Economy Summit

Digital transformation is becoming the core strategy of enterprises. According to a survey of global CEOs by Gartner, 42% of CEOs are talking about digitalization as the core or prioritized strategy of their companies.

Digital transformation brings huge business opportunities to enterprises. However, the amazing data growth brought by digital transformation also poses great challenges to enterprises.

In that light, Huawei predicts that by 2025, newly generated data will reach an unprecedented level of 9 Zettabyte (ZB) in Southern Africa, which is far beyond today’s data processing capacity.

In addition, data center energy consumption accounts for 60% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) over a period of 10 years. Therefore, enterprises are also concerned about reducing the data center operation cost by reducing energy consumption.

Huawei always pays attention to the issues that customers are most concerned about and continuously invests 10% of its sales revenue in R&D and has invested US$60 billion over the past decade.

With these R&D investments, in terms of data center technologies, Huawei has gained a lot of leading technical advantages, such as AI, all-flash arrays. Additionally, Huawei also has a patented server dynamic energy management technology (DEMT), remote direct memory access (RDMA) and iLossLess intelligent lossless switching algorithm required by a high-speed intelligent lossless data center network, and an advanced concept and technology for intelligent data center management, namely, DCIM+.

With these advantages, Huawei data center solution can provide customers with a lower energy consumption, ultra-high-speed experience, easy O&M, and simple architecture, helping them build smart and reliable next-era data centers.

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