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Meet 23-year old Nigerian helping students in Africa to continue learning via ALI platform




Helping people to achieve their life goals and do whatever comes next both personally and professionally is at the heart of the founder of the African Leadership Institute (ALI) Open Online Course Learning (MOOC) Platform, Oladokun Oluwasegun.

In pursuit of his mission to develop a new breed of business leaders, educated to global standard, who can create jobs, increase income, and create value for their stakeholders, ALI has grown to become one of Africa’s most sorted after online learning platforms connecting thousands of students and professionals with courses created by experts in different fields.

For the 23-year old founder, schooling and education are not the same and he believes young people across the world can do better if they are taught in a more practical, backed-by-experience way.

His zeal and curiosity prepared him for a life beyond the expected. Steered by his love for create solutions to problems in is surroundings, Oluwasegun became an online learner in his first year as an undergraduate in the university in other for him to learn the skill of web development after he had the idea to create a social e-commerce platform that will enable students to sell and purchase products in a fun and interactive manner.

It was then that Oluwasegun began to use the Internet to expand his knowledge as he could not afford to pay a developer who would build the platform. In a short period of time, he was able to improve his skills every day.

A world where anyone can learn anything While he was learning online, Oluwasegun discovered the best teachers aren’t always found in a classroom.

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After experiencing how much online learning improved his life, Oluwasegun made it his mission to give that same opportunity to anyone, anywhere, especially in Africa.

He wanted people to benefit from the knowledge of others who have been in a particular industry long enough to know what works and the best approach used outside the walls of their school. He imagined a world where anyone could learn anything—from any expert in the world. learned that after he finished his Mini MBA course at Accra Business School, Ghana, Oluwasegun came back to Nigeria and started teaching people Leadership and Management Online.

Nine (9) months later, he launched the ALI online learning platform. Three (3) weeks after launching, over 4,000 learners from a different level of academics are currently learning standard courses from experts to increase their knowledge and productivity.

The learning experience that helps transform lives Oluwasegun had the vision to use the power of gadgets and the Internet as a learning destination for everyone.

He is the reason why the African Leadership Institute is dedicated to helping people from every academic background transform their lives and careers through practical out-of-classroom learning.

Oladokun Oluwasegun

Oladokun Oluwasegun

ALI learning experience

Every course on African Leadership Institute (ALI) is taught by professionals from top companies and organisations, so you can learn something new anytime, anywhere.

Surplus free courses give you access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussion forums, as well as a shareable Course Certificate upon completion.

  • 100% online
  • Learn something new
  • Free courses designed for you
  • Paid courses starting at about $5 (USD)
  • Earn a Course Certificate
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ALI have tailored their courses and classes to suit your career needs, your academic requirements and your timeframe.

1. Study in a dynamic global standard online learning environment and redefine your cultural boundaries

2. Learn from our highly-respected teachers – who consult to financial institutions, corporations and government agencies worldwide – and benefit from world-class research and advanced business thinking

3. Take charge of your personal and professional development and access a wide range of practitioners on your Business and Leadership journeyGain confidence and get to know your new study group in a range of team-building exercises and social learning experience

4. Experience ALI Innovative Tailored Core – cater to a specific area of interest or maintain a general management overview

5. Enjoy a dedicated commitment to academic excellence – ALI courses are robust and designed for maximum career impact.

Oluwasegun believes that through ALI everyone should be able to do whatever comes next especially when it comes to creating a solution to problems either to make a profit or contribute to society or simply just satisfying the need to learn new things.

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