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Pantami intervenes as Nigerians blast NIPOST over outrageous licensing, renewal fees



NIPOST office (Source:

Nigerians on social media have lampooned the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) over the newly released rates/fees for licensing and renewal of operations logistics companies in the country:


new NIPOST license and renewal fees

In a series of tweets, the Service said the fees were in tandem with NIPOST Act. “This is timely and coming on the heels of an upsurge of Small and Medium Players in the Courier and Logistics ecosystem.

“Hitherto, courier business was for big players. Provision was not made for MSMEs. The approval of the reviewed.

NIPOST logistics to pay the fees too?

“Regulations has now accommodated all types of emerging enterprises in the logistics landscape and will provide a regulatory framework for licensing and the provision of effective and efficient services.

“The essence of regulating the sub sector is to sanitise the industry and ensure the security and safety of customers items. It is a consumer protection mechanism that will make sure licensed companies deliver qualitative service. It is also meant to allow and assist the small players participate and grow”, Nigerian Postal Service tweeted:

Here are the new fees allegedly released by NIPOST:

In their reactions, Nigerians expressed shock over the decision of the Postal Service to implement the supposedly outrageous fees:

Twitter user @educatdtout, laments thus: “@NipostNgn. I don’t know why we just want to kill dreams of young entrepreneurs, each and everyday we pull out obnoxious regulations. Where was @NipostNgn all this years , any time we see any thriving business we want milk it .  Village people”.

@Bizzychic1: “How do y’all sleep at night knowing deep down what you’re doing is heartless? We can’t argue your incompetence but why use it to disturb other people’s hardwork?”

@ibigbemiajax: “What consumer protection! Timely!!! You consider this timely. In the midst of a pandemic. Who thought this out…. How did you arrive at the license cost? What market insight? My goods are safer with them than with @Nipostngn what things did you put in place to help the operators?”


@pleezbilivdiz: “These SMEs pay taxes, what have you done to improve this sector of the economy. You see entrepreneurs coming up with initiatives & then you decide to introduce a licence fee just to enrich yourselves. You don’t even have the capacity to carryout your obligations as an institution”.

@knouvelle_: “Courier companies have been doing very well, regardless of your regulations. In fact they’ve been doing way better than Nipost could ever do. I have packages that I have been unable to redeem from Nipost for more than a year now. Please work on your own services and leave SMEs”.

@God4kola: “For 7days now NIPOST who to make sure people item safe cant not maintain website which schools, businesses manage without problem. Just try and checked their site as I speak… Nipost that can’t help itself want to help people that already solving major logistics problem”.

Meanwhile, in response to the hundreds of tweets, especially Dr. Joe Abah (@DrJoeAbah) query, “Good morning, Honourable Minister, @DrIsaPantami. Have you considered the effect of the @NipostNgn Courier Licence requirements on the digital economy, small business and self employment? It appears to go against your vision. I would like to understand the logic please. Thanks.”, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Pantami, answered thus, “The increase, is under investigation by my office, since yesterday. The Ministry and the Minister were not involved. Many thanks and best wishes!

The Service tweeted that “The honourable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, has approved a new Courier and Logistics Regulations in accordance with…and ensure the security and safety of customers items. It is a consumer protection mechanism that will make sure licensed companies deliver qualitative service. It is also meant to allow and assist the small players participate and grow.

But, earlier tweets by NIPOST appears to indicate that the Minister granted approval for the fees to be implemented.

“The scope of the Reviewed Courier and Logistics Regulations includes amongst other things how to apply, licensing procedures and requirements, conditions for operation, charges and enforcement

However, the Minister seems not satisfied with the NIPOST’s handling of the “Reviewed Courier and Logistics Regulations” hence he urged the management of NIPOST led by

to put the moves on hold:

“@NipostNgn: Our attention has been drawn to an increase of licence fee, which was not part of the regulation I earlier APPROVED for you. Your Chair and PMG were YESTERDAY contacted to put the implementation on hold and send a report to our ministry by Monday. Best wishes!

Earlier in the week, the Minister disclosed that plans are underway to effect major changes in NIPOST, especially by unbundling to subsidiary companies.

The Minister who is the Chairman, Steering Committee of postal sector, reform, restructuring and modernisation of NIPOST, had expressed displeasure over NIPOST’s poor performances.

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