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Sanwo-Olu commissions first indigenous medical face mask factory in Lagos



…Mulls Long-Term Loan Facility For Health Investors

…Governor Procures 250,000 Face Masks, Donates 30,000 To Secondary Schools Students

The first indigenous medically graded face mask manufacturing company has opened in Lagos State.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on Thursday, opened the O-Care Medical Face Mask factory in Odofin Park Estate, Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area of the State, saying the development was timely.

The factory is a subsidiary of Transgreen Nigeria Limited, a local manufacturer of medical equipment, such as respirator, ventilator, hand gloves and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The O-Care face mask is said to be the first certified medical face mask locally produced in Nigeria in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.

The Governor said the idea of setting up the factory was necessitated by the shortage of medically treated PPEs experienced in the wake of the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He said he was personally elated by the development, in that the first indigenous face mask production factory was built in Lagos.

O-Care Medical Face Mask
Governor Sanwo-Olu putting on an O-Care Medical Face Mask during a tour of the health facility.

He said: “I am personally excited to attend this event, because Lagos is recording another first for a good cause. The establishment of the first indigenous factory producing certified medical face masks represents the can-do spirit of Nigerians. As a Government that supports fresh and progressive ideas, we will continue to celebrate and encourage good innovation.

“Mr. Orakpor deserves commendation because he has not let the pandemic affect his investment drive in bringing about new business and products to fit our own environment. This is part of the narratives we are pushing as government. We can be the enabler for investors to set up businesses.

“If wearing of face masks must be accepted as a new normal, we must be able to strategically domesticate solutions that can provide ready market for our people. The opening of the factory is a confirmation of what we stand for as a Government. We must be the catalyst to nurture ideas and support business.”

The Governor disclosed that the State Government had started to work out modalities for the creation of economic zone for healthcare delivery to drive more investments to the sector.

He said the Government was looking at a long-term loan facility for operators in the health sector to achieve local production of scarce medical equipment and materials.

The Governor hailed the factory owner’s audacity and resilience in investing his capital for the production of medical face mask, which he described as the most sought after product in this period of public health crisis.

To encourage the manufacturer, Sanwo-Olu procured 250,000 pieces of the O-Care face mask from the first production batch. He said the materials would be distributed to medical and emergency workers on the frontline.

O-Care Medical Face Mask
Governor Sanwo-Olu being given a tour of the medical facility.

Managing Director of Transgreen Nigeria Limited, Mr. Cyprian Orakpo, said the idea of setting up the company was born out of the embarrassing situation the nation found itself with the absence of local manufacturers of medical face masks in the country.

Orakpo said medical PPEs had become objects of national security, especially in the period when there is not curative vaccine to stop the spread of the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic. He stressed that scarcity of the products could spell doom for the nation if there’s no local manufacturer.

He said: “In this time when the use of medical face mask is highly recommended, we have risen to the occasion to fill the void in medically certified face mask production to contribute our quota in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic and to promote health security in the country.”

The O-Care face mask is developed with three layers that offer substantial protection against dust, airborne viruses and bacteria. Its nose clip provides comfort for breathing and gives low respiratory resistance.

An official of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Dr. Kola Jinadu, who represented the agency’s Director-General, Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu, said the company must be commended for the initiative, which he also described as “timely”.

In showing appreciation to the Governor for his support, the owner of the factory donated 30,000 medical face masks to the State Government. Sanwo-Olu ordered that the face masks be donated to Secondary School pupils who will be taking their examination from next week.

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Google, Amazon reportedly overtake Apple as most imitated brands for phishing in Q2 2020



Phishing attacks

When the career criminal Willie Sutton was asked by a reporter why he robbed so many banks, he reportedly answered: “Because that’s where the money is.” 

The same logic applies to the question, “Why are there so many phishing attacks?”  Simply because they work, again and again.

It’s estimated that phishing is the starting point of over 90% of all attempted cyber-attacks, and Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report showed that nearly one-third (32%) of actual data breaches involved phishing activity. 

What’s more, phishing was present in 78% of cyber-espionage incidents and the installation and use of backdoors to networks. 

They work because we’re human, and we make mistakes – either because we’re in a rush and our defences are lowered, or because we think we’re too smart to fall for a phishing attempt (a recent study showed how we often fail to recognize risk in assessing our own actions, while spotting risk easier when assessing other people’s behavior). But none of us is immune – especially when the criminals behind attacks impersonate familiar, trusted brands that we often interact with. 

‘Brand phishing’ involves the attacker imitating an official website of a known brand by using a similar domain or URL, and usually a web page similar to the original website. The link to the deceptive website can be sent via email or text message, a user can be redirected during web browsing, or it may be triggered from a fraudulent mobile application. In many cases the website contains a form intended to steal credentials, personal information or payments.

Google and Amazon lead, Apple falls

Check Point Research’s latest Brand Phishing Report for Q2 2020 shows that Google and Amazon were the most imitated brands in phishing attempts, while Apple (the leading phishing brand in Q1) fell to 7th place from the top spot in Q1. 

The total number of Brand Phishing detections remains stable compared to Q1 2020.

Email phishing exploits were the second most common type after web-based exploits, compared to Q1 where email was third. 

The reason for this change may be the easing of global Covid-19 related restrictions, which have seen businesses re-opening and employees returning to work. 

Here are the detailed brand phishing statistics for Q2 2020, together with examples of phishing campaigns which aimed to generate direct profit by impersonating Apple iCloud and PayPal.

Q2’s top phishing brands

Below are the top 10 brands ranked by their overall appearance in brand phishing events during Q2 2020:

phishing attacks

Source: Check Point

Top brand industry sectors

  1. Technology
  2. Banking
  3. Social Network

Top phishing brands per vector

When examining the different vectors used we can see some noticeable differences in the brands being used in each vector: for example the focus in mobile is on major technology brands and media.

Email (24% of attacks)

  • Microsoft
  • Outlook
  • Unicredit

Web (61% of attacks)

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • WhatsApp

Mobile (15% of attacks)

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • PayPal

iCloud login page – credentials theft example

During late June we witnessed a fraudulent website which was trying to imitate the login page of Apple’s cloud services, iCloud. 

The purpose of this website (example below), is to try and steal iCloud login credentials and is listed under the domain “account-iCloud[.]com”. 

The domain was first active in late June 2020 and registered under the IP –, located in Russia.


Source: Check Point

PayPal login page – Credentials theft example

During May we noticed a fraudulent website which was trying to imitate a PayPal login page.

The website is listed under the address paypal-login[.]com. The domain is registered first registered on 2018 and was reused once again in late May.

The domain is registered under IP in U.S.

phishing attacks

Source: Check Point

To avoid falling victim to phishing scams, Check Points recommended the following actions:

  1. Verify you are using or ordering from an authentic website. One way to do this is NOT to click on promotional links in emails, and instead Google your desired retailer and click the link from the Google results page.
  2. Beware of “special” offers. An 80% discount on a new iPhone is usually not a reliable or trustworthy purchase opportunity.
  3. Beware of lookalike domains, spelling errors in emails or websites, and unfamiliar email senders.

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Motorola Solutions launches new device targeted at SMEs in Sub Saharan Africa



Motorola Solutions

A global leader in mission-critical communications, Motorola Solutions, has launched a new two-way radio device specially designed for small and medium businesses in Sub Saharan Africa.

The MOTOTRBO™ DP540 two-way radio is built for cost-conscious businesses looking to transition to digital technology for reliable and efficient communications.

As demand for digital radio communication rises, small and medium businesses are looking for simple and affordable solutions for their communication needs without the need to compromise on quality. MOTOTRBO™ DP540 is the perfect tool for users in need of an entry-level digital radio, offering ease of use and powerful digital-enabled features.

The new device, available through certified Motorola Solutions resellers in Sub-Saharan Africa, is based on the ETSI Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Standard, proven worldwide in affordable digital systems with low complexity.

“In today’s economy, small and medium businesses are constantly under pressure to deliver more, and deliver fast, all while keeping a conscious mind on reducing costs,” said the Director of Motorola Solutions indirect sales for Sub-Saharan Africa, Laurent Tribout. “With this in mind, we’ve developed a communication solution that holds all the necessary features in one affordable device”

Ruggedly versatile, digital out-of-the-box

One of the risks of migrating from analogue to digital technology is the transition period which can potentially interrupt business operations.

To make this transition smooth and easy, the MOTOTRBO™ DP540 can operate on both digital and analogue modes.

In this way, radio users can operate and communicate on their new MOTOTRBO DP540 radios while on the job, as the business transitions to digital technology.

The compact, ruggedly-engineered device is built to withstand harsh conditions and resist corrosion even in the saltiest environments such as seaports and harbours.

It boasts superior audio output and unique features, such as voice announcement customization, allowing users to customize the default voice announcement languages using their own audio files. MOTOTRBO™ DP540 is also built for multi-language working environments, with special audio profiles designed to deliver enhanced audio quality when speaking languages with distinct rolled “R”s such as French or Afrikaans.

Handsfree when sensitisation is key

As in many mission-critical work areas, healthcare workers rely on two-way radio communication for many of their daily tasks.

Whether it’s coordinating patient arrivals, or briefing an ambulance team on the way to a scene. In many circumstances, such as medical staff treating COVID-19 patients, it is not ideal for personnel to be handling their radio devices.

The portfolio of MOTOTRBO devices, including the new DP540 model, is equipped with a Voice-activated Transmit (VOX) feature, which allows users to operate their radio without the need to press the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button.

Along with compatible earpieces designed for handsfree operation, healthcare workers and other essential workers can keep their hands free and clean.

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Prof.  Sodiyda gives five reasons IT professionals should attend “EATI’ 2020”



Prof. Adesina Sodiya
President of NCS, Prof. Adesina Sodiya

The President, Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), Prof. Adesina Sodiya, has extended invitation to IT professionals within and outside Nigeria to attend the eleventh (11th) International Conference of the Society which will be hosted online.

The conference begins on Tuesday 11th to end on Thursday 13th of August 2020 under the theme: “Emerging Applications and Technologies for Industry 4.0 (EATI 2020)”.

The President said, apart from the conference providing a unique opportunity for attendees to link up to the Conference at the comfort of their homes and offices, he listed other give benefits of joining the programme.

Participants should look forward to amazing opportunities to exchange new ideas, gain new insights, build relationships with stakeholders, promote IT professionalism, share best practices, establish standards, develop business or research relations, and find global partners for future collaborations.

Manufacturers, industry experts. academics, professionals, innovators, service providers, researchers, suppliers, consultants, students, youth innovators and entrepreneurs, as well as policy makers in government and business people will come together to connect for the betterment of our nation.

High profile dignitaries from government, private and educational sectors, as well as from the international and global IT environment are expected to grace the event.  NCS is preparing for the best and has assembled an impressive line-up of leading researchers, entrepreneurs, educators, industry experts, thought leaders, international scholars and subject matter experts as speakers and resource persons to share their extensive knowledge and experiences on the theme and sub themes. I want to assure you that attendees will benefit greatly from their wealth of knowledge and insights.

In his words, the five benefits of joining the NCS international conference 2020 include;

1. It is stress Free:

#EATI2020 holds ONLINE, so you participate from the comfort of your home or office.

2. Global Influence:

Being an International conference gives you access to connect with both Foreign/Local Speakers and Participants.

3. Value & Knowledge:

Driven: #EATI2020 boasts of rich sub-themes ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Mining and other modern day technologies relevant for today’s applications, thus your participation gives you more insights into these new innovations.

4. Risk-free & Cost-effective:

Unlike previous conferences requiring travelling & hotel accommodation, this year’s conference will save you 70% cost.

5. Enhanced Credit Rating:

As IT Practitioners, attending NCS Conference increases your professional and academic ratings. Your participation will earn you 3 units of Professional Development credit units.

Prof. Sodiya added that this year’s International Conference will provide a multi-stakeholder forum to examine pertinent considerations in showcasing emerging applications and technologies to achieving fourth industrial revolution that will lead to Sustainable Development. Engagement opportunities will be explored during the Conference to present and develop effective strategies, creative approaches and practical solutions.

“Specific highlights of the conference include Official Opening and Keynotes, Plenary and Parallel Sessions, Technical Sessions, Seminars, Induction of New Members, Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform, Exhibition and Products Launch, Public Sector ICT Showcase, networking, NITDA session, National IT Competitions, Fellows’ Forum and Annual General Meeting”, he said.

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