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Tizeti reinstates Kendall Ananyi as CEO; investigation team says ‘case of sexual harassment not established’



Tizeti CEO, Kendall Ananyi

Kendall Ananyi has been reinstated as the Chief Executive Officer of Tizeti as an Independent Special Investigation Committee of its Board of Directors that investigated the allegations of sexual harassment made against him, said the claims could not be substantiated.

On June 7, 2020, Tizeti appointed the Independent Special Investigation Committee to look into the sexual harassment allegation leveled Kendall by Kelechi Udoagwu, a young woman he was reportedly mentoring.

Kendall Ananyi has now been reinstated as the company’s CEO.

According to a statement by Tizeti as sighted by, “During the pendency of the investigation, the CEO stepped down and was walled off from communications with the Independent Special Investigation Committee and any matters related to the investigation.  In connection with the investigation, on June 7, 2020, Ifeanyi Okonkwo, Tizeti’s COO and Patricia Aiyedun, its CFO, were appointed as co-CEOs pending the results of the investigation.

“The law firm of Olumide Sofowora Chambers, led by Senior Advocate of Nigeria Olumide Sofowora, SAN, C.Arb., was then selected by the Special Investigation Committee as independent legal counsel to conduct the investigation. Olumide Sofowora examined the allegations, researched what actions would constitute sexual harassment, gathered relevant information from a number of sources in both Nigeria and Ghana and conducted a number of interviews, including separately interviewing both the accuser and Mr. Ananyi.

“Based on this investigation, it was determined by the independent legal counsel, which conclusion was accepted by the Independent Special Investigation Committee, that a case of sexual harassment had not been established.

“As a result, Mr. Ananyi has been reinstated as CEO of Tizeti Inc., with Mr. Okonkwo and Ms. Aiyedun returning to their COO and CFO roles, respectively.

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“That said, Tizeti wants to ensure that it has best in class policies and procedures going forward.  As a result, Tizeti will be updating its code of conduct and putting in place a sexual harassment policy that is in line with best practices and encourages the reporting of any potential incidents.  The company will also conduct training programs covering sexual harassment in the workplace for all executives, employees and staff.

“Tizeti remains fully committed to high ethical standards, gender equality, providing a workplace that is free from sexual harassment and ensuring that its diverse team feels comfortable and safe at all times”, the statement on Tizeti’s website reads.