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Vox Pop: What’s the best network for browsing in Nigeria



Best browsing network in Nigeria

Connectivity is an integral part of today’s world. With the term “global village” becoming more realistic day by day, the place of a good browsing network cannot be overemphasized. 

Nigeria, with its youth population accounting for about 60% of the nation’s total population, and with the smartphone penetration growing steadily, it is imperative that there’s a strong data framework for young people and society generally, to feel connected.

In this edition of the Techeconomy’s Vox Pop, Saviour Adugba samples the opinions of many young people as to what they think is the best network for browsing in Nigeria, and what their experiences have been with different network providers. Excerpts are below:

Odunewu Iyanuoluwa, Creative Designer

MTN is the best browsing network in my opinion. Airtel is fairly okay. Might get disrupted once a while but since I changed to MTN, my life has been better overall.

David Onome Amuge, Content Strategist

My most preferred network for browsing is 9mobile. It is the most effective network I have ever  used in terms of connectivity and access. It is rare for a user of the network to experience network failure and it is available in virtually every part of the country.

Eno Umoh, Teacher

My best internet network is MTN. It is the fastest network where I stay. I have used other networks,most especially Airtel but they are not accessible everywhere and slower compared to MTN

Damilare Okunola, Journalist

The best network for browsing in Nigeria is MTN, actually, even though they’re not always reliable. For instance, there are areas where MTN works really fine, especially for certain applications, but they suddenly become very poor for streaming videos. But more frequently than not, MTN works very well in their ‘catchment’ regions

Elijah Fabule, Digital Media Specialist

I think 9mobile is the best; they are just expensive. Networks like Smile, Swift, and Spectranet have not been too useful for me and I have used all of them. In fact, I had an engineer from Spectranet come to inspect my house to better the connectivity but nothing significantly changed.

Sanusi Okesola, Assistant Registrar, Creative Writer

I am not sure. I think glo should be removed from the list first. That leaves us with Airtel and MTN. However, good networks for these two depend on locations. Airtel is better in some places while MTN takes it in other places. The core difference, however, is that MTN has a wider network. It’s in more places than any other of them.


For Swift and Spectranet, it is a bit complicated. It mostly depends on the quality and cost of the gadget. I think. I have used good and bad spectranet. The same goes for Swift. I am not conversant with Smile.

Jeffrey Okougha, Operations Manager and Entrepreneur

None. They are all the same, they just have their moments. MTN that has the widest coverage might be stable today and tomorrow start acting up and they also consume a lot of data. 

Airtel rarely has issues but they do not have a wider coverage like MTN so in some areas you might not get a signal or a strong one. I would have said they (MTN) were the best but this one ASAP data the most. Forget their double data bonus. It’s a scam. It zaps like mad that is why you see even with the double data you are still out of data b4 the month end just because you checked a few short videos on Instagram and YouTube. 

For Glo, this is actually the worst from my own experience.  I really wanted to give them a trial on many occasions and not lose faith in them but it still ends same way. They give you so many data and bonuses but then the network can disappear for days or start acting up.It comes to a point where your heart starts beating fast on the day that their network is functioning well because from any moment it can go crazy again. So inorder not to be depressed I just left glo till further notice. I haven’t really used 9mobile.  I tried it once and same issue so I didn’t bother to try them again. Ntel was one I really didnt have faith in at first but when they started doing a promo where you get so much data than other networks,I tried them. They were really good and functioning well. But limited coverage area and when more people started getting onboard , they too started having issues so I left them. Presently I use Airtel for my data and internet access and since I am in lagos ,I do not have coverage issues and it works well but that zap data like mad. Within a month I use close to 5k if not more for only data.

Ibukun Falade, Product Specialist and Entrepreneur

MTN is the best, although it is quite expensive. For the other networks, they are not fast and they usually have location issues. MTN would hardly have location network issues.

Victoria Quarshie, Student

9mobile is the best. It doesn’t give me any network issue and is very reliant whenever I need to check something online. The only issue is that it is more costly than others.

Ruth Amugeh, Student

Airtel is the best browsing network in my own opinion. Their data plans are very affordable and they do not charge high data tariffs like other networks.

Adeyeye Esther, Student 

I use Glo and it works perfectly for me. It is the most affordable and also comes with attractive bonuses. Other networks are more expensive.

Blessing Mafuzor, Student 

MTN is the best browsing network for me. It is the fastest network I have ever used. It is a network I can always trust to provide a fast and reliable service anytime of the day.

Rohi Aienloshan, Entrepreneur

Well, I heard from people that MTN is best which is obviously why it’s more expensive.


I have never used MTN so I wouldn’t know. I use GLO, it works but it has its issues most times and it’s quite frustrating because sometimes you just lose network for the entire day. It gets so bad sometimes you can’t even check your airtime balance. 

I also tried out Etisalat very briefly but I had to stop because it was a horrible experience. Didn’t have a network for a week and when it finally came, it was extremely slow.


The experience one gets on using telecom network services in Nigeria most times depends on location, quality of gadgets and circumstances surrounding the environment. For instance, there could be fibre optic cable cut due to road constructions or vandalism. In some other cases, the power source for the base stations suffer attacks by either theft of the generating set or draining of the diesels. 

So, it is a collective fight to get it right!

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Saviour Adugba is a journalist by day and a poet by night. He is fascinated by the internet of things, virtual reality and connecting the dots for brands. Saviour is the Lead, Content Development at

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