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African ICT foundation taps Abdou Kane as Niger Republic representative

Abdou Kane is nominated as Focal Point Representative, Niger Republic



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African ICT Foundation (AfICTF) has issued a nomination notification for Abdou Kane as the Focal Point Representative, Niger Republic.

According to a statement by the Foundation, Abdou Kane is a proven senior leader with nearly 20 years of experience managing large-scale programs that have significant impact on developing nations.

Able to translate vision into strategic plans. Deeply skilled managing complex, transformative infrastructure projects.

Well-versed in private sector and governmental organizations. Known to be a dynamic people manager who leads teams to impact the bottom line. Tech-savvy, result-oriented, multilingual (English, French, Djerma and Haussa), and culturally astute.

Head of Project Implementation Unit of National Agency for the Information Society (ANSI, Niger Presidential Cabinet Institution).

The National Coordinator of the Niger Smart Village Project for rural growth and digital inclusion, financed by the World Bank.

National Coordinator of a PIU (Project Implementation Unit) in charge of all aspects of project preparation, management and audit, including fiduciary management and procurement, logistics and operational overhead, communication, implementation, knowledge management and coordination among project partners, Niger.

Former Managed Services Chief Operating Officer (MSCOO), Ericsson Cameroon, Mali, Benin and Togo.

A University of Montreal, Canada trained Telecommunications Engineer. Kane holds Executive MBA, Business (Joint Program Paris Dauphine University and CESAG Dakar, Senegal, 2009).

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