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Five fun facts about coding



Africa Code Week
Africa Code Week (Photo source: Webfala Digital Limited)

. as Africa Code Week kicks off

SAP Africa Code Week (ACW) initiative officially kicked off last week across the continent with a number of exciting changes and developments all aimed at empowering Africa’s youth with digital skills learning.

Over the last five years, the initiative has positively impacted millions of youth and thousands of teachers.

Introduced by SAP, UNESCO and partners in 2015, ACW aims to spark interest in coding through fun and interactive community workshops for youngsters.

From the 88,000 students who participated in the first year, to the 3.85 million children and 39,000 teachers who ran +55 000 coding workshops in 37 countries last year, the impact of the initiative has grown significantly.

2020 ACW efforts are shifting to a virtual model and this will allow expansion of the program’s reach to 54 African countries with all learning materials translated into Portuguese and French for the large Francophone and Lusophone African communities.

Coding is not just about the mathematics, calculations, etc., here are five fun facts who need to know:

  1. There are nearly 700 coding languages in use today.
  2. The first reported coder was a woman named Ada Lovelace who created a program for an early mechanical computer in 1843.
  3. The first computer ‘bug’ was an actual bug! A dead moth caused a malfunction inside an early computer in 1947.
  4. In October 1958, Physicist William Higinbotham created what is thought to be the first video game called “Tennis for Two” – a kind of Pong ancestor.
  5. Computer code may look like a foreign language, but it’s actually pretty easy to learn. Keep an eye out for details about virtual coding workshops you can attend during this year’s Africa Code Week in October!
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For details on participation, check website

It may also interest you to know that since 2015, SAP Africa Code Week (ACW) has been creating free opportunities for young Africans to learn coding skills and for teachers to be trained on digital learning curricula.

Strong partnerships with the public, private and civil society sectors across 37 countries are driving sustainable impact by building teaching capacity and supporting the adoption of coding into national curricula in support of UN Sustainable Development Goals 4, 5 and 17.

In 2019 alone, the initiative saw 3.85M children participating in coding workshops.

A deep-learning workshop also took place for 28 female teachers from 15 African countries with a goal to empower more African girls through coding skills.



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