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INTERVIEW: Kade Keyo has a single vision: To help create more sustainable society – founder, Tanho Attah



Tanho Attah
  • When we created grow fund a few years ago, we designed it to help people build a route to a more stable, dependable financial future built on our own business infrastructure, regardless of where they were in their lives.
  • On August 1, 2020 we launched, a digital department to cater directly to the digital community

Business profile for Tanho Attah

Tanho Attah is the founder and CEO of KADE KEYO which focuses on creating sustainable solutions targeted at societal development. Tanho is a Philosopher, Scientist, Artist and Business man. Working over the past 18 years, he has been engaged in various fields involving the human experience which cuts across social ventures, for profit ventures and individual brand development processes.
He is quite interested in the full expression and experience of the human being and have dedicated his adult years to, first, understanding and then building a sustainable model that can give more people opportunities to live a better life. 
As a philosopher, Tanho tries to observe the world, through the eyes of various people, including his, deducing what is truth, what is fiction and what is perception. Using the information gathered, it helps him resolve the complex issues surrounding our collective human society.
As an artist, he simply likes to enjoy himself through the use of various mediums to express his thoughts. Science is the process through which Tanho creates practical solutions to the complex problems that plague our society and the world at large.
Operating as a business man, the ingenious Tanho has worked many years actively building, promoting, creating and operating small and medium scale businesses. His experience ranges in a wide array of fields, consulting for Startup entrepreneurs, small scale businesses and brands, small tech-enabled startups like, mobifoodng and, creating and operating in partnership, an event ticketing and listing solutions platform named (now defunct), helping business owners and Businesses develop strategies for growth, supervising implementation of developed strategies.
As a consultant, his core areas of expertise starts with understanding the nature of business itself. As he told, this allows him to freely work into any field, contributing experience of how the business world works.
He has mainly worked directly with SMEs by choice but very open to interesting opportunities beyond this scope.
“I am a very reliable and experienced business solutions consultant whose focus is to accomplish the set goals within the desired time frame. Apart from developing many business proposals, plans and pitches, I have also helped clients through negotiation processes doing business with other businesses and individuals alike. I’m an active people person, who works to understand the core nature of the human being and how to best communicate the ideas being proposed”, Tanho said.
“As a team player, Tanho has both led and worked as part of teams. He is currently building a small team of business consultants at the firm, KADE KEYO whose primary objective is to create sustainable solutions targeted at societal development, one of which the teams believe is by helping SMEs scale, ensuring they understand the importance of both investing in and growing their business under a viable structure.
Also, Tanho has worked as an active consultant for humanitarian organizations such as Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative (SAMI), Science Ambassadors Foundation (SAF) and Joseph’s Place Mentoring Youths Africa (JPMY).
He is always looking forward to opportunities to express his abilities and providing the wealth of experience as an added advantage to any team looking to improve their business models, processes, strategies, products or services.
In this interview with the Editor,, Tanho disclosed his plans for KADE KEYO:
Tanho Attah


Q: What really inspired you to start Kade Keyo

Tanho: Kade Keyo evolved from a previous business where we helped businesses and business brands with their business development, documentations, marketing, sales, pr and general business success needs. Prior to staring Kade Keyo, I was a promoter, brand manager and business consultant helping business and individual brands alike. After many years of working with a wide variety of clients in various industries, I realized something very critical: Too many small businesses failed and there was more that needed to be done to help more businesses thrive. So, we decided to create a new company that took a wholesome look at the businesss world and the individuals that run them. So, simply put, what inspired the birth of Kade Keyo is our society, that is why our company slogan is: Societal Solutions. We focus on creating solutions that in one way or another will help build our society, not just the business community.

Q: How has the company been received?

Tanho: The reception has been very mixed. On one hand, we have those who do not understand what we do and as such prefer to work with more straight forward companies offering similar services, but, for those who have engaged with us, we have had a 100% client satisfaction on some of our products, while we work every day to fix the issues we have had along the way, to ensure complete satisfaction with all of our clients. What we strive for as a company, is a situation where a client walks in, looks through or product/service list, gets served and is satisfied. As simple a process as going out to a fine restaurant or healthcare centre. We are still building our brand and we are certain that over time, more clients will understand what we do and see how what we do makes their lives and businesses much better.

Q: What is your vision for the company?

Tanho: I have one vision: To help create a more sustainable society that contributes to the quality of lives of the individuals that live within it, wherever we operate. In this regard, Kade Keyo’s design isn’t just for the benefit of our customers. We operate with a mindset to ensure that our employees have a very efficient way of work, without losing out on the important things in life. Our collective vision is to run a successful company, for the benefits of our society, our clients and for our employees. 

Q: What are the solutions you have that SMEs, MSMEs and large enterprises can benefit from?

Tanho: Our basic business services are offered to all kinds of business operations, small, medium and large scale alike. These include, business redesign services, documentation, consultations, research and business model development, client representation and negotiations, business plan evaluations and reconstructions and pretty much anything to help a business owner improve their business. In the way of profit, we also advice some of our clients to purchase our partnership solutions for the benefit of their business as an income security process for their business, which simply means, in a case where their business does not do as well, they can share in our own profits as a business. One of our Products called Grow Fund offers this solution. Another active solution we have is a product called Business Fit, which is designed to actively engage with business owners in real time and not presentation format, so they can actively resolve real challenges they currently have. There is also a product we have called Sales Active, which helps business owners increase their sales by engaging with our Sales team.

Q: Which of these segments do you target the most: SMEs, MSMEs, or Large enterprises? Why?

Tanho: Our primary target falls within the SME and MSME sector. Being a small business as well, we understand how difficult it is to run a small business with all the challenges of running any business. As to the reason why, it is quite simple; small businesses provide the greatest hope for the development of any society. The more-small businesses succeed, the greater our hope of building our society. So we decided that if we can provide our technical business know-how to more small business owners, we can get closer to our goal of implementing solutions that help build society. Over time, we will be announcing more products and services directly tailored to businesses that all categories can take advantage of.

Q: What is the most critical initiative you are working on now and how do you plan on achieving it?

Tanho: Our most critical initiative, is a product called Grow Fund. This is primarily because grow fund has a wide variety of uses for our users. We know how difficult our environment is, even in healthy times, talk less of the impact of the Corona Virus pandemic. In its design, Grow Fund is designed as a system that helps our partners earn a stable, monthly income while growing their original Grow Fund units. We plan on expanding our partnerships to as many people as we can, starting with Lagos and expanding to more states using our teams and promotional channels as access points. With this product, we can achieve one of our societally motivated goals which is to help people earn more income. Although this sounds like a novel or simple enough idea, we actually accomplish this by sharing our company profits with our clients, while we work hard to keep growing our business. Regardless of our outcome, with Grow Fund, we always turn a profit for our partners. We believe, the more people we can reach, the more people can earn a stable income, month-in, month-out, all year round.

Q: For budding entrepreneurs or startups that tend to raise funds through VCs, what would you say VCs look out for before they can invest?

Tanho: The Venture Capitalist game as an institution is quite different from a Venture Capitalist as an investor. And any budding entrepreneur or startup should be aware of the fundamental differences. While the VC institutions look for structure, certain models in Pitch Decks, qualifications and trainings, Venture Capitalists or Private Investors look directly for something else entirely, they look for a profit. A VC institution will have its way of investing, events and information available to the entrepreneur or startup to study before applying for an investment. A wise startup or entrepreneur will do well to study along those lines. There are organizations who provide these kinds of platform, some of which include Leadspace, Impact Hub Lagos, Enterprise Development Centre, Lagos State Employment Trust Fund and others like that. Investment groups and Investors on the other hand look for the real deal, quality of entrepreneur or start up, quality of the business idea, proof of concept, sales; to them, it is more of a numbers game, where the answer is always profit.

Q: What is the fair equity share you can take as a VC while investing in a startup?

Tanho: In business there is almost no such thing as fairness, in my experience. It is simply based on what you can negotiate and what you think your value is worth, either as a business owner or an investor. I have taken on equity as low as 5% and as high as 50%, while I’ve also offered equity to my partners and investors within the same range. To me, it largely depends on the value you place on what you bring to the table, as well as what you are looking for in the end. I once had a young group of startup founders who turned down a lot of money for a 51% stake the investor was offering. I would have accepted that deal, considering all the sides. That being said, if the startup is very good and the numbers add up, even a 1% equity share could also be of great value.

Q: What are the red flags that can make you not to invest in a startup?

Tanho: Many investors invest for a variety of reasons, and what motivated the drive to invest in one startup does not necessarily have to be the same reason for another. Red flags are also the same. If I found a person with a great idea (which I have) but without proper sense of how a business works (which I also have), that could be a Red flag, if that person is unwilling to learn. In my experience, these days, anyone who reads an article or follows a blog that teaches entrepreneurship almost automatically believe they know how to run a business, that too for me, is a Red Flag. If I’m going to invest, I would invest for two reasons:

  1. You have proof of concept, business or idea (Actual business operations)
  2. You have proven beyond reasonable doubt that you know what you are doing (A solid presentation and technical know-how to back it up, which can apply to both actual running businesses or fresh startup ideas)
Kade Keyo logo

Kade Keyo logo

We are also constantly dealing with investors of our own so these are terms we apply to ourselves first before applying it to any startup or entrepreneur requesting investment. Every investor wants to know the same thing: my investment is safe and will yield me the results I am looking for.

Q: In this era of new normal, what are your forecasts with regards the startup ecosystem in Nigeria?

Tanho: There are a lot of entrepreneurs doing great things in the Nigerian startup ecosystem and the forecasts are almost easy to predict: Trends. The ecosystem has not really arrived at a point where it understands who or what it is in the sphere of startup ecosystems worldwide. What we currently do is adapt trends to our environment which is not really a smart thing to do as we operate a very different business climate. However, there will be the emergence of startups and entrepreneurs who understand what our environment requires and they will be the ones to set the trends in the era of this new normal. The good news is that more people will follow suit and that will create a ripple effect across the ecosystem. It is already clear to see how a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses are investing in Agriculture, just like us. A few other opportunities will continue to rise which include logistics and infrastructure, online payment and fintech systems, freelancer gig economy ventures, e-health and a general use of technology to adapt business. This will however, in my opinion be a mistake. Only largely because the consumers you serve will be the intelligent users of these services. A large segment of our country and economy still remain behind all of these great ideas and as such, innovation should ride in these directions; localized solutions. Hopefully, at some point, we can have systems built that create the proper structure for these localized solutions to thrive, where local communities and people can be adapted into the world of modern technology, but first, Food, Shelter, Clothing, Healthcare and Education are the fundamental issues that must be addressed for real impact to occur.

Q: What has surprised you the most since you started Kade Keyo?

Tanho: Grow Fund – My wife calls it the ‘Financial intelligence product of the century’. So recently, we have added a new member of staff to the team, and one of her clients on-boarded to the company acquired a Grow Fund partnership slot for her infant child. When we created grow fund a few years ago, we designed it to help people build a route to a more stable, dependable financial future built on our own business infrastructure, regardless of where they were in their lives. Unemployed people can acquire units with funds they have been given, people with dormant savings can grow their funds, husbands can acquire partnerships for their wives and vice versa, likewise, parents for their children, children for their retired parent, but by far the best use of Grow Fund I have seen, is a parent acquiring units for her infant. I believe, with more ideas like ours, a better future is possible for everyone as we believe everyone deserves the chance to live a good life. We want to help make that a possibility.

Q: What actually informed the coining of that name: Kade Keyo?

Tanho: Kade Keyo is a name coined from the middle names of both my wife and I. It represents her gentleness and my business aggressiveness, being soft and understanding enough to understand our clients, but strong enough to give them the growth they require.

Tanho Attah

KADE KEYO community launch

Q: Where do you see the company in the next five years?

Tanho: We plan to remain a small teams company, so no matter how large we get, we will want to keep our teams small in order to stay locally relevant. In five years, we hope to have steady operations in more states of country, expanding to at least 1 new state every year, while staying strongly active in local communities. We launched a digital department to cater directly to the digital community from August 1, 2020 which can be found at and social handles: @sckadekeyo. We will be multiplying our branches of operation with small teams over the coming weeks, months and years to come. We cannot say for certain what we would have accomplished in 5 years, but I envision a situation where our impact has been felt by a whole lot more people and our tag line: Societal Solutions has become more relevant, proven in our actions.

Peter: Thanks so much, Mr. Attah for your time.

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Tanho: I must appreciate for your efforts in promoting the startup ecosystem in Nigeria; giving small business a voice. Thanks. 

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