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PRE-ORDER: A Must read ‘On Becoming An Entrepreneur’ by Tony Ajah

No matter your stage in business development, On Becoming An Entrepreneur will help you dispel the prevailing myths and misconceptions that cause so many enterprises to fail, and will empower you to dig deep, see far, and soar high!



Little is known about the drivers of entrepreneurial decisions during war. But Coronavirus pandemic have thought the whole world great lessons.

In this Book: On Becoming An Entrepreneur, Tony Ajah, a serial entrepreneur, examine how entrepreneurial self–efficacy and resilience on entrepreneurial intentions helps us survive in adverse conditions and harsh economic situations.

‘On Becoming an Entrepreneur’ reveals step-by-step principles, and practical approaches on how anyone can successfully pursue his or her entrepreneurial dreams from starting, growing, and scaling the business into a profitable and sustainable enterprise.

In this book, you will learn the road map on: 

  • how to establish a strong foundation for your enterprise from ideation to execution
  • how to build a business that profitably delivers massive value to the market in a highly scalable fashion
  • how to turn a one-time success into a repeatable process
  • how you can build structured systems and processes that will help you experience exponential growth, and ultimately reach your business goals
  • how to gain traction that will put you ahead of the game
  • how to massively accelerate the growth trajectory of your enterprise
  • how to attract investors and funds to scale your business
  • how to save yourself from costly mistakes, and be relieved from the doubt and uncertainty in the marketplace
  • how to overcome roadblocks and detours that are inevitable in entrepreneurship and turn them to your advantage
  • how to make your business an expression of your deeper values

No matter your stage in business development, On Becoming An Entrepreneur will help you dispel the prevailing myths and misconceptions that cause so many enterprises to fail, and will empower you to dig deep, see far, and soar high!

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This handbook is a 360° valuable resource for current and aspiring entrepreneurs with pragmatic approaches and business principles that work and that can work for you!

This Book will make the difference for someone between ‘Game Changer and Game Over’, “Mr. Ajah said.

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Meet the author – Tony Ajah

Tony Ajah is a Business Growth Strategist, and the Managing Partner, TA Strategic Solutions, a Lagos-based firm that provides strategic business support services for budding entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Tony Ajah

Tony Ajah

He is the co-founder Greenergy Waste Management Limited, an integrated resource recovery, and recycling company based in Lagos, Nigeria, and also co-founded InnovationHub Africa & Resources Limited, a leading driver and promoter of technology and innovation in Africa.

Tony gets excited about helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow. His ideas are highly sought after by leading Nigerian print media reputable local and international blogs. He has written hundreds of business articles that have been helpful to enterprises, and which he has shared on several media platforms around the world both online and off-line. He has written other business books which include; Business Sense, On Becoming An Entrepreneur, My Wor’d of Business, Business Growth Strategies, and Getting Set For Business.

Tony is a seasoned entrepreneur, trainer, and professional speaker on topics ranging from Entrepreneurship Development, Business Growth Strategies, Business Innovations in the New Economy, Magnetic Marketing, Brand Enterprising, Intentional Sales and Marketing, Business Relationship Management, Accelerating Business Productivity, and many more. Tony’s voice has been heard in numerous organisations across Nigeria and beyond. He is the publisher/editor-in-chief of The Strategist, a periodic newsletter for MSMEs.

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He is currently the Programme Director of Nigeria Innovation Summit, a platform that promotes innovations across all sectors in Nigeria. Tony also sits on the board of African Innovation Academy, an Innovation Accelerator that provides growth supports for African Entrepreneurs and Innovators. He runs a periodic Business Development Training Workshop for entrepreneurs, managers, and business executives, where he proffers working strategies for business growth and sustainability in a dynamic business environment.

Tony runs a personal blog, where he shares proven business ideas and principles that are valuable and resourceful to enterprises. He worked closely with some of the brightest minds in the industry. He is a member of several professional organisations within and outside Nigeria.

For reading this article, you can get a copy of this book, with a complimentary e-book of Business Sense just for the sum of N3,000 and it will be delivered to you anywhere in Lagos. And N5,000 for other states in Nigeria if you pre-order before August 30, 2020. Get in touch!

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